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Friday, June 17, 2016

I dont know how many of you have dreams that feel 100% real, or have ones that seem to continue as if the dream is actually another dimension of your life. I love and hate my dreams for those reasons. I hate waking only to miss my 'dream life'.

Last night I had a dream that I want to return to. It ended in heart ache but I want to return to find him.

I was in a small very run down town. I was part of a wedding party that had left me behind. I couldnt find my cell phone or my purse. The wedding wasnt until later that night so I decided to just walk to the church. I knew it wasnt far so it should just take me 45 minutes to an hour. Im already half way down the street when this girl stops me. The bride introduced me to her before, an old friend from when they were kids. She looked at my dress and all the rings on my fingers. I have no idea why I had so many rings on. She pulls one off and throws it into the grass saying I dont need that one. The ring she threw was of course the most important on. Not the brides but it had something to do with my family so I snapped. I grabbed her by the back of the neck and threw her to the ground and whispered in her ear that she had just made a big mistake. I started to look for the ring and it didnt take me long to find it.

As Im walking down the street I start to realize that I cant remember the name of the Church or the address. I pass some guys and ask them if they know where the (cant remember the last name) wedding was. I figured they would know since weddings are big and its a very small town where everyone knows everyone. They had no clue. I kept walking until i got completely lost.

I heard a voice behind me, "can I help you with something?" I turn around to see this guy with black hair pulled back and some rough short facial hair. (It was Keanu Reeves) I told him how screwed I was and he said he would walk with me to keep me company. A couple hours past and we havent come across a church yet. We were both starving so we went into this greasy spoon place and sat in the back. We talked for what seemed like hours. I asked him if he wanted to come to the wedding, that they wouldnt notice 1 extra person. Talking to him I felt like I could tell him anything and that I could trust him. I had that Disney Princess feeling, that you just know that he is the one.

I look up to see my aunt at the register. I told him i would be right back. I go tell her how the party left me behind and everything. I asked her where the wedding was at and she gave me this OMG look. She said it was on Main street. I felt stupid because of course the church would be on main street in a small town. I told her I would be right back. I turned to head back to the table and he was gone. My heart dropped. Left at the table was a note. It was some quote that I cant remember and his name written on the top, Chris Pine. I know, another actor. Along with that was a flyer for an up coming BBQ festival. Our table was by the back door so I looked out it up and down the street looking for that red T-shirt.

As I was typing this up I thought of the flyer. Maybe it was a clue. A way of him telling me where he would be next. I hope I can pick this dream back up tonight.

Something Ive always heard was that in dreams you cant read anything. That all the letters are just a mess. So how was I able to read in this dream? Dreams are still a mystery to me.

** When the movie SPEED came out I was in love with it. I would watch it so much that I began saying the lines with the actors. I also had a HUGE crush on Keanu. At the same time ck one was a very popular unisex perfume. I loved it! Every night I would spray it on my pillows and just lay there looking at a picture of him that I pinned to my wall. Now whenever I smell it I think of Keanu. I was 11 and he was my first BIG celebrity crush. Before him it was Edward Furlong.
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    Sometimes when I have a vivid dream like that and I can remember parts of it I will Google dreams and then what was in my dream just to try to find some answers sometimes it helps sometimes it doesn't
    1824 days ago
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