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I am that rat...

Monday, June 13, 2016

I read a study a while ago where they did an experiment with rats. They gave some rats access to a variety of healthy foods and found that the rats selected a good variety of food to eat and maintained a healthy body weight.
For the second group of rats, they provided the same variety of food but also included junk food (especially crunch, salty things and sweet things). Those rats concentrated primarily on the junk food and got fat.
Who could see THAT coming??!!
When I was visiting in the US recently, I seem to have been like one of the second group of rats. Wow, "candy", "fast food", "crunchy chips and puffs of corn in various flavors and shapes"...
While I have been working on shopping my pantry back where I work, I have been like one of the first group of rats. Faced with my healthy pantry and kitchen, today I had: Breakfast: fruit salad (1 mango, 1 banana, 1/2 avocado) and a handful of cashews/almonds. Lunch: a small bowl of split pea soup, a few crackers with tuna salad, 1 leftover (unsweetened) whole grain blueberry pancake and a few pecans. That wasn't all planned out. It was just "What do I want of the things I have on hand?". And I think it looks pretty healthy!
Happy Sparking, All!
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