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Alice's Rest or Want?

Friday, June 10, 2016

Hi Friend.

I read ALL of your blogs. First things first:

1) Tell your husband to do what me and my wife of 36 great years have done. Buy one of those "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY" signs...you know...one of those ones that has the capital letters all strung together...you know...the ones with shiny multi-colored metallic letters...and hang in PROMINENTLY on a wall somewhere in your living room...and just leave it there....FOREVER.

Our's has been in our living room for about ten years. We will never take it down. It is a constant reminder to us that every day is a Happy Anniversary for us. Better yet...go buy one yourself (damn...I wish I was typing to your husband...he would get in soooo good with you if this was his idea) and hang it up on some random day...but definitely NOT July 28th...and when he asks you about it, you just tell him every day is a happy anniversary day as long as you and he are together. No one will ever forget another anniversary.

2) You sound like a very nice person, but I can't tell if you're arrogant (not judging) or just afraid to ask for help. I think the latter and I think it is because like everyone on my team...including me...you have tried and failed numerous times...and you probably finally realize you cannot do this alone...because you tried that and you keep falling off line and then return for another "this is it...one last time" effort.

3) I believe the reason my Team vision resonates with you is because it is based on fact.

Read a hundred "personal histories" and I believe the majority will include statements from #2 above....tried...succeeded...f
ell off line...failed....coming back now for another try.

That is because they all had failure built in...no way to reach out to anyone on your team when they fall aside...no matter how much you "love" them or want to help them. I've read your blogs...I've seen the comments people have sent you.

Don't you think that if those people could snap their fingers and suddenly be in a telephone conversation with you...that they would?

Look at those comments! Those people "loved" you...they just couldn't kick you in the arse when you fell off the wagon...no way to reach you...hell they probably have doubts that Alice is your real name...and that, Alice, my friend, is the REAL challenge.

Forget losing 30 pounds in 4 months...the truth is if you never got back on line after the first week...your telephone won't ring...EVER...not from anyone on-line calling you any way.

4) You mentioned waiting for a..... What is the status on that? I'm asking because I care (I know...hard to believe). I hope it was not/is not needed. You are in my prayers (I know...pfft...I hope Jesus didn't hear you doubting my good intentions).

5) You asked about being on the team. Just admit it...you would LOVE to be on this team. But you then shoot yourself in the foot and tell me that you wouldn't be a good fit, because you are inconsistent, and you have been asked to leave teams because you were not actively participating. Tell me again why I would ask you to join our team?

6) Scared to ask or commit, or REALLY just don't care. It's hard to tell from reading your blogs. You seem at times desperate, just like me and some of my teammates, but at other times, like you just don't care.

So which is it? Are you looking for a team to parallel-play with in the sandbox, or are you looking for a team that might actually help you and support you and kick you square in the arse when you get out of line or try to go off line, and will make sure you NEVER QUIT.....EVER...and will expect you to do the same for each and every one of them...forever...yup...FOREVER

Here are your answers:

Are you for real? Yes.

Are you naïve? No.

Are you just another new member who wants to show us all a thing or two? Pfft...insulting...does not warrant a response.

Are you being rude? Sometimes...sorry.

Are you for real? Redundant.

What to do?

Dump the teams that are not giving you what you need.

Make a real commitment to your family, to your DH, to your granddaughters, and to yourself...a REAL COMMITMENT.

Find a team, like mine, that is trying to fix the problems that all of those "poser-teams" inherently have, and then collaborate with your teammates and figure out how to solve those problems...like my team is trying to do.

A Few Final Things:

Thanks for "finding me" again. I have invested at least two hours of my LIFE reading up on you. I'm glad my words resonated with you.

You cannot be part of my team because:

YOU are "afraid you would not be a good fit, and you would be more of an interruption."

In other words, you can't be part of our Team because YOU don't WANT to be part of our Team.

You can follow us and our efforts. We won't mind.

You can be a huge cheerleader for everyone on my Team.

In other words...

You can be exactly what most other people on SP teams are...a cheerleader, on the sidelines, not really part of the team, just a voice out there encouraging others that you can't really help if they decide not to get online (I know...that's their problem...(but, that's not how I treat people I REALLY care about)

Regarding your critical note on my food tracker: Thanks.

Thanks for taking some of your personal time and looking at it and offering your opinion. I gladly accept your suggestion to clean up my diet.

(Where are those stones, because I can see your glass house from my glass house...that's the way glass-house neighborhoods work, you know?)

Psst: (most of your track days have less than 1000 calories...wassup with that?) (I think one of your windows just broke)

Thank you for saying you were inspired, and for wishing my Team the best of luck.

It's too bad:

1) You are not ready to make a serious commitment to a team like mine, and

2) You are still looking for something different, but you are looking right past my team because you can't commit.

Bottom Line:

My Team is here. We don't have all the answers right now, but I believe we are unified in our belief that IT HAS TO BE SOMETHING DIFFERENT THIS TIME...and that this just might be what we were all missing.

In fact, other than an initial commitment to each other to eventually hash these things out, we are honestly, right now, just a little bit better off than the other teams on SP.

The difference?

We are committed to collaborating with each other so that we can eventually become REAL FRIENDS that have all of the benefits and problems that real friends have.

In other words...

We are committed to transitioning from cheer leading for each other from the sidelines...to becoming real friends on an actual team that communicates, moves, and supports each other, in real time, like a REAL TEAM.

In other words...

Like Friends...forever. (Forever-Friends)

Contact me when you are ready to commit.

I have my five mates, but would entertain the idea of having you on the team...If...

I thought you were serious (not a dig).


"I Control Me"
"Help Us, Help You, Help Others"
"Never Quit!"
"No One Gets Left Behind"
From Alice's Menu:

I read your blog about real teams a few days ago and I wasn't sure what to think. Are you for real? Are you naïve? Are you just another new member who wants to show us all a thing or two?

Then I also read some replies and comments. Are you being rude? Are you for real? Just wasn't sure. You have some lofty goals. We all do starting out.

I have just recommitted to this. I WILL be successful this time. No more playing around. Oh. What's that? Yes.... I am in control.

It's been ages since I have been this motivated. In the meantime I also joined 2 new teams. With one, another member welcomed me. That's it. When I first joined Spark, there seemed to be more comradery and more support from the teams. And here I am with all this positive energy.

What to do?
Well, it took a bit to find you again. Your words resonated with me. I would love to be a part of your team, but I am afraid I would not be a good fit. I cannot always be present and I would be more of an interruption.

That being said, I would love to follow your team and your efforts if you would not mind. I will be a huge cheerleader for everyone there.

On a critical note I have looked at your food tracker. IMO you really need to clean up your diet. Too few calories and not enough clean foods. I would try to eat a more rounded diet with meals that include protein and veggies, whether it's beef or beans. My diet is not perfect by any means, but I think a good diet will produce a good body.

Anyway. Thank you for your inspiration. I wish you and your team the best of luck.
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    It is a tough team to go with, but it is the team that can make us successful.
    1833 days ago
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