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What I did Right...

Saturday, June 04, 2016

I reached a milestone today. I have lost: 23 pounds. According to my Spark ticker that is 25% of my weight. This is a great accomplishment for me. I knew I could do it because it was my goal and, if you work hard, achieving your goal is possible.

I wanted to take few moments to review my last 6 months.

What I did right:

I came back to Sparkpeople. I knew this worked. After all, before my leap last year (gaining 23 lbs), I lost almost 70 pounds using this website.

I got back to basics. I reviewed where I was and decided where I wanted to be and purged the unnecessary from my life.

I accepted where I was. I had to own where I am (obese and unhealthy) to get where I want to be; a good weight I can maintain and NO new medications!

I use the tools. Sparkpeople has wonderful tools that will assist you in reaching your weight loss goals. The nutrition tracker is #1 in my book. I set mine up to capture the nutrients I was interested in and I am good to go. I record my food everyday. The good, the bad and the ugly, and believe me sometimes there is ugly. Even an ugly day can teach me something. But if I don't put it down how can I learn.

I use the exercise tracker as well. I feel so good when I see it tick off my exercise minutes for the day. Sometimes I don't want to exercise but then I will remember my "streak,"and know I want it to continue and get up and get moving.

I set up Streaks. Things I want to accomplish that are motivating to me. How great to get an email from Sparkpeople congratulating me on reaching a milestone. It makes me feel good, every time.

I stopped comparing my WL journey to others. I set the peramiters for my loss. Am I losing as quickly as some on the boards? Certainly not. But I AM losing. The trick, for me, was to decided how to be satisfied with my journey and still offer shout outs and congrats to the wonderful WL journeys I see every day on the board. Comparison is fruitless. I don't know, can't know, what each individual does to achieve their weekly losses but I do know what I do, am willing to do, and that is the secret of my success. Accepting what I am willing to do and linking it to my goal. I may take longer to reach my destination, but I am enjoying the journey and that is equally important in ensuring my success. I'll keep saying it, "slow and steady will win my race."

I lean on the support of my Spark friends. Sometimes you just have a bad day. We all do. I used to find comfort in food. Now I come to the Spark site and I read blogs, comment in the chat room. Offer encouragement when I read other's struggles on their journey. I post my frustrations in a chat or blog, I no longer "eat" them. Sometimes I get a few replies, sometimes not. Either way, just getting it out stops the urge to feed my feelings. Even when I go on auto and start to eat, knowing I can do this instead is enough to curb the urges. This is one of the most supportive communities I have ever encountered.

Finally, I trust the process. Our journey is as individual as we are. If I work my program, I will be successful. So, I can't say "it doesn't work," if I don't do the work necessary to lose my weight. Am I successful every week? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. However, I keep my faith that if I work the plan the plan will work, for me.

I guess my bottom line is:

When you do that, you can accomplish anything.

Spark on!

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