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Trip To Catalina! (Video Blog)

Monday, May 23, 2016

^I was delighted to see that while the words on the shirt were backwards when I was filming, it ended up getting flipped the right way. Technology is amazing LOL. ;)

Just me rambling in front of the camera about our trip and the souvenirs I got! I still feel awkward and uncomfortable, but I thought if I could get a few of these short silly ones out of the way maybe one day I would feel comfortable enough to do a video blog for realsies. I want to say some of us just have IT and some of us don't... Dawn, Lynn & Susan have IT and I really just don't. They are so well spoken and natural in front of the camera and I feel like a dork and like I'm making a funny voice and being a spaz!

Oh well! I have to say that it was a blast, and was just a fun filled day, but this is the photo that brought me back to reality:

It's one of those things where I knew the regain was bad, but this photo sure captures the regain in all it's glory. emoticon I really didn't want to get with the program but after seeing the horrible number on the scale and this photo, I realized it's now or never and it has to be now!

I loved the names you guys came up with for my plan, and ironically enough I realized what is wrong with me this time around when I was chatting with Susan. I lost 90 pounds not following any plan, nothing was off limits, and I tracked EVERYTHING. I didn't binge very often because nothing was forbidden. While I'm not going back on my original plan (I really do want to avoid sugar at all costs and work on my caffeine habit LOL), I realize now that not everything has to be a rigid plan. Sure, I felt good during the sugar detox, I felt amazing actually so I can strive for that to be my everyday eating habits... but I need to remember that all is not lost if I eat a cheeto. That is a problem with some of those plans, they make you feel like if you messed up just ONCE you have ruined the whole thing. So I'm just gonna keep on working on it, because let me tell you, I do not want to live life looking and more importantly feeling like the above photo.

Although I wouldn't mind living life feeling like this photo:

We really did have a blast and I'm out enjoying life at 230 pounds. I am not enjoying the fact that I'm 230 pounds, but I am enjoying it regardless. That is now 50 pounds to get to 180, which is the bigger picture goal. But for now I'm gonna just go for 10 at a time and work on moving some of those marbles from the pounds to go jar to the pounds gone jar!

Here are some fun photos from the day:

^The bride to be was the driver on our golf cart tour, so fun!

Glass Bottom Boat:

Wrigley Mansion:

Pet Cemetary:

Crazy Zipliners:

The Coast Guard ;):


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