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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I KNOW...I KNOW... It's been WAY too long and I'm hardly on here! I've not "regressed" per say, but more of a product of my current work situation and current LIFE situation has put Sparkpeople on the backburner.

1) You're getting less blogs from me mostly because I've been trying to keep my personal usage of the computer down while at work which was when 99% of my blogs used to be written. That's the big one for me... that's why I'm barely on here!

2) As you may know, I'm pregnant! Actually, in the third trimester and solidly on week 30!!! I've got roughly 10 weeks to go and then plan on getting back on here as best as I am able to! Honestly, Sparkpeople is useless for me during this pregnancy since for the first part of it I hated so many foods, and I just had to eat whatever I could. Why would I want to track that? It didn't make sense. Plus, I'm just trying to really enjoy my pregnancy and be SMART (mostly) about what I eat. I'm not going crazy one way or another... I'm eating FAIRLY BALANCED. I know I'm probably taking in too many calories...possibly too many sweets...but it is FAR from being considered too much of anything. I'm being pretty moderate.

So, with those two reasons explained... I'll update you briefly on where I'm at right now!

The pregnancy has gone quite well, actually! It's hilarious, actually... I'm nothing like my mother when it comes to body-type or how our bodies have been during PMS or Menstrual Cycles, but for this pregnancy, basically... dead on! It's been trouble-free and pretty low-key. THOUGH LET ME TELL YOU, just because one doesn't experience morning-sickness (aka puking) does not mean she's got it lucky! There is SOME truth to that. The tough part of that is going through that means you often don't know how the pregnancy is doing because you don't FEEL pregnancy like people tell you should feel. Here's how it went for me...

THE FIRST TRIMESTER: pretty terrifying! I found out that I was pregnant at the end of October when I was expecting my period and I had like... 5 days of cramps! They didn't stop, nor did my period come. My hubby was convinced that I was pregnant, and I assured him that my cramps were just being a pain in the butt. I had a miscarriage in August (aka a chemical pregnancy) so I had learned that you should hold off on pregnancy tests until FOR SURE LATE just in case. Spare the heartache, ya know? So, I waited until that fifth day of cramps and then got frustrated. Surely my period would come! So, I took the test...and PREGNANT! Cool, eh? Symptoms I had: just extreme tiredness that feels similar to the flu coming on, and serious food aversions. I hated BBQ for a month, for example! So many delicious things I loved...not so much. This trimester was exciting and terrifying because you have no clue how anything is going... so my faith in God has been strengthened immensely as I learned that everything is in His control no matter what happens.

This one was pretty cool, overall... started to get bigger... food aversions GONE (thank goodness!!!)...and slightly scary still! You wonder when in the world will I feel my baby? How is it doing? Is it safe? It wasn't until my 20 week ultrasound that I realized I had been feeling my baby moving! People always say, "Do you feel butterflies? That's the baby!" I'm like, "Uh...I feel GAS. Like extreme gas problems...". That's what I thought! Turns out that it was just baby and it felt like gas issues in the belly! Found out at that exam that our baby is a BOY!!!!!!!!!! Very excited! He was quite the exhibitionist! Spread eagle legs to show us that he in fact without question was a boy! Very wiggly little guy! Since that point, I've only felt him more and more moving around in my belly.

So far, I'm doing well overall! No crazy symptoms other than just tons of rib-pain and back-pain and pubic bone pain...and well, PAIN. I'm used to it. Sleep has been difficult since the second trimester because I sleep in my sides (they discourage back sleeping). My IT bands hurt like crazy by the end of the night and trying to roll to my other side, let alone even get out of bed, is a chore! I feel like a beached whale when I have to do that! And I also have to be careful with how far I stretch my legs out when sleeping because I get really bad Charley Horses if I do...so my legs are usually in the fetal position. I love feeling my little boy moving! Sometimes it's irritating, but overall it's amazing! A little miracle! A baby that I first saw at about 10 weeks the size of a lentil bean... and now he's the size of a large head of cabbage at 30!!! It's so cool!

I've gained only 20 pounds so far, which isn't horrible! It could be worse! I'm sure I'll gain more before the end of this, but I'm not gonna sweat it. My goal was to gain NO MORE than 30 pounds. So far, looks like that'll be the case.

My workouts have been very sporadic. I'm still doing it though! I don't work out as regularly as normal, though. Since my hubby had been in school most of the semester (this is his last!!!!), I learned that I need to focus on keeping my stress down, especially since pregnant. Plus, there had been random things during the week that I had to do, so basically my goal has been to workout 2-3 times per week. Usually happens! Not always, but enough. My workouts have been very light compared to last year. Right now, I'm only able to workout at MAX 30 minutes then I feel way too sore to go any further. Honestly, 15 minutes is where my limit is starting to happen from what I can tell. I do walks around our neighborhood and the elliptical at the YMCA. I suppose I can swim, but that's so much effort to put a suit on...to go to the pool... et cetera. Ya know??? So, I make it work whenever I can. I've tried to keep my arm workouts good, but I've not done them as much as I would like to. I suppose I can do that now for the next few weeks building up to holding a baby... but we shall see.

OVERALL, I AM WELL!!!! I apologize for my absence, but intend on coming back as soon as baby is born! Well, maybe a week or two after... haha I gotta get in a rhythm first.

I'll try my best to post a couple more blogs before the birth... but I just wanted to update y'all briefly one more time! Maybe I'll blog next week too! I hope you are well! Please let me know in comments! I DO miss y'all!

OH, and PS: my food blog is dead. Don't try to go to the link. I got bored with it. :-)

Sending love!
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    my new persona is here: http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage.a
    1554 days ago
    Hi!!! This is JYGETSFIT please add me when you come back

    1554 days ago
    Congratulations on the baby!!!
    I have been absent so long that I didn't know. And a boy what a blessing. I am so happy for you.
    I think you are amazing. I can't believe that you are still exercising. I have a feeling that I ever were pregnant (highly unlikely but you never know) that I would be laying on the couch and feeling like a beached whale.
    I have missed interaction with you. I always enjoyed your comments on my blog. You are always so thoughtful.
    Please take care and update us after the baby is born or whenever you feel like it. I would love to see pictures.
    Take care,
    1726 days ago
  • KRISSY82
    It's so nice to hear how you are doing! 30 weeks---wow, you are almost there! Congratulations again, and I'm glad things have been going well overall. 20lbs isn't bad at all, either. Hope you can relax as much as possible the next couple of months. :)
    1775 days ago
    Congratulations!! Enjoy your pregnancy, what a blessing!
    1779 days ago
    1779 days ago
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