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A "Picture" -esque Day

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Yesterday went pretty good. I was over a little bit on my calories. I had my usual breakfast, then had some computer problems I had to deal with before we headed out for the day, and we finally got going about 3. So somewhere in there, I missed lunch. At first, I was okay because I had snacked a little while finishing up the cupcakes. But then by the time we did eat around 5 or 5:30, I was SO hungry. I wanted spaghetti and got it...and ate the whole thing...a whole day's worth of calories in one meal! I tracked it this morning. Yikes. Oh well, in the end, I was only over my range by about 100 calories...so not bad.

Here's my cupcake dress I made for GD's party today...
It's a Rapunzel dress...with her braid on the side.

I spent a lot of time uploading pictures to Walgreens yesterday and ordering prints. I needed to update my wall pics of the GD's and I wanted new pics for work and for a photo album that I am putting together for their great grandma. Once I got the pics uploaded and ordered, I asked DH to print out the release for the Target pics as they sometimes require that when you print professional pics. He informed me that his computer got a virus and is not working. So, I had to hook up my laptop and work through some problems with the printer set up. Finally got it and got the page printed and went and picked up the pics. They are GREAT! That persistence paid off. I printed out the pics DS had on his last Disney photo pass...they are so clear and good. And since I hardly ever get to see that GD, it's so nice to have these good pics of her! Here's my updated wall pics...

Our thrifting yielded some great finds. I got brand new shades for DD's lamps...she had told me she needed some and to keep an eye out for them...got them 1/2 price...2 bucks each! I sent her this picture to see if they were what she was looking for. I had DH hold it up for size reference...and she replied... "2 dads for 2 dollars!" She is the comedian in the family...well, they all have their moments...

And I got a new football platter for next year's super bowl party...

In the mail, we got our magic bands! For Disney! Yay! It's getting closer!

Today is GD's birthday party. This is my favorite present...
I got her some of the princesses. She says Ariel is her favorite. I originally got several dolls at the thrift store...but did not have Ariel...but did have her prince (Eric). So, I bought her a new Ariel from the store to go with him. $8.99...she cost more than all the other dolls together...$1 each...possibly $0.50 if I bought them on 1/2-off day. I got the Ariel with legs...but kind of wanted the one with the tail but it was too expensive. Yesterday, I found the one with the tail at the thrift store! (And it was 1/2-off day!) So, now, she is getting both! Yay! We brought it home and PopPop put new batteries in it and the tail lights up! Cool! AND I found this great bucket at the thrift store also...love it! We are going to be staying at Pop Century and I thought this bucket screamed "Pop Century, here we come!"

It was a very good day. Again, persistence paid off...with the computer and getting the printer going. It occurs to me that the only way to fail is to quit. I'm not quitting. I will persist! Spark on! emoticon
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