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The Temptations and goals.....

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Well it's March! New month, clean slate. My goals for March? Repeat of February! Eat healthy, exercise, drink water AND lose 5 pounds during the month.

So what happened in February? Well, I didn't reach any of my goals perfectly. My goal to lose 5 pounds in the month, well, it was about 3 pounds. Goal not achieved.

My goal to drink all my water - well I did pretty good on that. Giving up soda helped. However, I did sneak in one orange soda. I think there were only a couple days where I was short on my water intake. I must say I wasn't perfect with logging it, I need to get better with that. I'd say I was at a 90% on this goal. I'm good with that! Not perfect but good!

My goal to eat healthier and stick with the Mediterranean diet my doc recommended - and stick within my calorie limit. I'm struggling there. Getting in the fish has been hard. I am discovering that some fish doesn't agree with me and it revisits me for hours after I eat it - which makes me not to want to try to eat it again. It is an unpleasant experience! I find if I add a baked potato to my fish day, it seems to help keep that from happening, but fish and a veggie is a miserable thing for me! However, I am doing much better with the rest of the diet. My fruit and veggie intake has increased. I'd say I was at about 70% on this goal. Room for improvement!

Which brings me to the temptations (no, not the singing group). This month there were a couple. One was a girl at work's 60th birthday party..... I skipped the party. That made it easy. No tempting food or beverages.

However, the next day in the kitchen was the leftover cheesecake. Her boyfriend, a baker in his spare time, made it. Chocolate brownie like crust, pecan layer, topped with the cheesecake layer, drizzled with hot fudge and caramel. I caved. I took a small slice.

The first two bites were sooooo yummy! By the time I was halfway done I was ready to BE done. It was getting sickeningly sweet and I was starting to feel yucky. However this is where I start to question myself.... I kept eating. I finished the piece. Afterwards I was miserable. Why don't I listen to my body and stop? Why didn't I toss the piece after I started to feel it was too much? Even more strange.... I stop with the fish and veggies.... but not the cheesecake. Oh boy.

So that was probably my big slip. There was pizza one night too, but I kept it to two pieces and did my best to keep my calorie counts where they should be.... but thin crust pepperoni and mushroom pizza is NOT on my Mediterranean diet!

However, not letting that sideline me. There will always be obstacles on the path. The key is to get around them the best I can and keep moving on!

The exercise? I am doing pretty good with that. I managed my 12,000 steps on the fitbit everyday (except the day I left it at home, but I know I got them in that day). I've been getting in my strength training. However, I have been doing the same stuff for quite some time. I think in March I am going to try some different exercises. I think I need to challenge myself a little more, to work a little harder. So this is one area where I feel content with the month. I might even give myself a 95% on this one.

Which brings me to this..... today I woke up it was snowing and blowing outside. I didn't want to get out of bed. I didn't want to go to work. I didn't want to get on the treadmill. I laid there and thought about it, long enough so that it was no longer a question of wanting to get on the treadmill, there was no time. I dragged myself to the shower and got ready. I wanted to stay home, lay on the couch and read my book. I got on the scale..... disappointment. I looked in the mirror...... more disappointment.

I don't want to do this anymore. I don't want to track my food. I don't want to eat healthy. I don't want to drink water anymore. I want to drink soda. I want to eat cheesecake and pizza. I just don't want to be fat. Eating healthy hasn't turned me into this healthy, skinny version of me (hah, in what two months?). This is too hard. This doesn't work. I don't want to anymore.

Now I know expecting ANY noticeable results in 2 months is probably unrealistic. I am not unrealistic..... yet I am. I want to notice SOMETHING!

Then I looked into the mirror again. I really don't like that double chin thing. I really don't want to wear plus size clothes. I don't want to be out of breath when climbing stairs. I don't want my face to get red and to pinch my belly when I tie my shoes. I don't want my knees to ache from my excess weight. I don't want to die from the effects of my obesity like my friend did. I don't want to feel like I did after eating that cheesecake.

I want to be healthy and thinner. I want to be able to do a 5k. I want to see definition in my muscle. I want to buy regular size clothes. I want to like healthy food. I want to be a healthy inspiration to my kids and grandkids. I want to feel strong.

And how do I get to those things I want for myself? By doing some of those things I don't really want to do. So the question is, what do I want more? To be healthier, stronger and thinner.... or to lay on the couch, read my book and watch tv. How do I want to spend my future? Alone on the couch? or being active with my family and friends.

OK Barb, suck it up. Time to get on that treadmill when you get home. You know what you want! You know what is required to get there. You also know that once in a while a day of rest is what you need. THAT is the day when you can lay on the couch and read your book. That day is not today, but that day is coming. So, just for today, do what you NEED to do to get where you WANT to go. No Ball of Confusion, No Just My Imagination... girl, I'm Gonna Make You Love ME. Come on, Build Me Up Buttercup!

Phew, sometimes I can be stubborn! Think I may just listen to some Temptations on that treadmill!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • L*I*T*A*
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1928 days ago
    I'm the same way with wanting to SEE results too soon and getting discouraged when I don't (even though I know it's illogical).
    Have you tried uploading a new playlist or listening to a different kind of music on the treadmill? Might make it more fun for you. Or try following a treadmill interval training workout (you can find them all over the internet)? Or listen to an audio book ("book on tape" like we used to have) might make the walking go faster or be more interesting.
    If a certain kind of fish makes you not feel well, it's ok to not eat it! Try different fish. Try lots of different Mediterranean recipes until you find some favorites - make this new diet fun!
    I read after I'm in bed, after I've done what I've needed to do that day. Then I still get that down time (me-time, since I'm married with 3 young kids) but it doesn't interfere with my day as far as getting in a workout or making meals. Maybe that reading at night can be your reward for having a healthy day. :)
    Have you tried measuring yourself? I have been doing it on the first of each month. It really helps to see those changes when the scale isn't moving. Maybe that could help you too?
    The snow has stopped blowing so hopefully you are more motivated today. It's going to be a GREAT day!!
    1930 days ago
    You just blogged what I've been thinking. I make myself do my challenges & get on my bike. I didn't meet my January or February goals. I'm hopeful for March but know I have to work harder. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1931 days ago
    Awesome blog!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1931 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13423552
    Great blog! You've got this. 3lbs is pretty good for February - you should be proud!
    1931 days ago
  • LSIG14
    You just put it into words for all of us! Yeah, I'm tired of eating healthy and exercising
    and I'd much rather lounge in the recliner with a book and a slice of cheesecake (that sounded soooo good) but I don't want to roll myself around in my wheelchair wearing a dress from Omar the tentmaker until I die of obesity relate ailments. And if those are my choices, I choose the healthy lifestyle (with an occasional lapse for a special occasion!) Choices really do make a huge difference to ones health!! Thanks for sharing this one!!
    1931 days ago
    Wow! I think I just watched that episode in version me. We gotta keep going. I'm tired of all the same things too. Your goal assessment was great. And 12000 steps...amazing. you're my inspiration for March. Let's keep going in the right direction.
    1931 days ago
    loved the blog...you can do it! congrats on your successes! keep up the great work!
    1931 days ago
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