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Short Term Fix vs. Long Term Problem!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I have come a long way which means I can turn around and look at the steps I've taken as well as the steps I failed to take. Then in acknowledging these, I feel the need to try and analyze them properly or else I believe I can never truly move toward my real goal. So I must ask myself new questions and look at the deep roots of truth. The basic question is why do I eat? Some, including my self, will say it is because I must to live. True so maybe we need to ask a different question: Why do I eat too much? Next we respond with: Because it tastes so good that I don't want to stop! New question: Why do I eat more than I know I should? Here come the mass of answers that cloud the truth: Because I can't stop! Because more now and then can't hurt! Because it is too hard to stay on this life choking routine! Because food makes me feel good! Because life is so hard and food gives me a place and time when I can feel good! Because people hurt me and food has always been good to me almost like the best friend I wish I had that never says no! Because food has never done me wrong! But these can't be good responses!
So when I get done and can't find the real solution on my own, I feel I need to ask someone else to help. Someone that has been where I am now. After having lost 75lbs. and breaking the 200lb. barrier only to gain everything back plus!
So I have to figure out why it won't stick! Why do I inevitably fail? I have asked the questions and now I come to "YOU SPARKPEOPLE" to ask if anyone else recognizes these answers? Does anyone else see the lies we tell ourselves? Do you have similar reasons why you eat?
So what is the key that unlocks our ability to succeed? What is the thing we need to do that will give us our long term goal? The real goal meaning a healthy future with a NEWFOUND relationship with food being put in its place keeping us in control and making food the servant to do the job of keeping us heatlthy rather than hurting us and making us feel bad both physically and spiritually in the end. Pun both intended and not?
Can anyone share when and what made you click over from yesturday's failure to your now attained present day winning state of mind? We, who are searching, may be helped by your point of view and experience! But only if you take the time to share with someone who is ready to listen! Not about diet solutions but real attidude and spiritual solutions that will provide the will and energy needed to be transformed from a lover of food to a person that can love themself using food properly to be healthy! Not a robot on the never ending treadmill of self denial, guilt, success, failure, repeat!!! Not someone that uses food to make everyday better by using foods lying way of making us feel good as a short term goal that keeps us from our long term successful life.
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    Thanks Sandy. Maybe someone will share a winning experience. I have many deliveries from bondage to bad habits and crunches from the Holy Spirit where I was released miraculously overnight. Smoking gone in an instant. Marijuana gone and done with everlasting victory by the Holy Spirit. Food has the greatest stronghold though be cause I seem to self-sabotage myself. It is like I am literally try to self destruct using food. Then the frustration of my inability to be in control of other things in my life snowball and it is like I am trying to find a way out through eating. Debt, eat, single, eat more, felling guilty, eat more, short on funds, I havelfood, my house is a mess and after cleaning it, within 24hrs. It filthy again, eat, no one comes over anyway, eat, no money to do anything, that's okay because I can eat. Feeling out of shape, well then let's eat, I feel guilty and I am getting fat again, it is okay because I know how to lose it so let's eat. I don't have internet anymore so no more SparkPeople access. So I guess I should eat. I made too much but no worries cause I can eat it all.
    When I lost 75lbs.in 9 months, you know what my number 1 response was? Are you okay, are you sick or something? Yes there were the : WOW, I barely recognized you. Then there were the, WOW you look so different. And how did you do it. But I was now faced with flabby skin, no workout routine and no moral support. Just the same everyday demands and on lookers from the outside seeming watch for what would happen next. One person even said it is how long it sticks that matters. I almost felt like it is my job to fail! That is where I am now, wondering why I even put out the effort in the first place!
    1951 days ago
    So nice to see you back. I am truly sorry you are back to square one. I have been visiting your page every so often. I have been spinning my wheels this whole time. Well I mean I apply for a bit then give in to food ...I am just starting again myself. I believe with type of sin we need to stay humble each day. The only way to have and keep victory is prayer with each choice. I hope you will stay around and seek out support here that is lasting. Thanks for the honest blog. sandy
    1951 days ago
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