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The BLACK Man by R.Slade

Thursday, February 04, 2016

The Black Man

First let me state that for every Black Man-

There is at least one great woman to give credit, you understand.

So, when I say Black man, I can easily say this-

Without a Black WOMAN, he could not exist.

Society has given out many blows and stings-

In trying to describe the Black MAN and such things.

We hoot and holler; we dance and sing-

But are you aware that we are descendants of great kings?

So, many would prefer that the Black Man stands down-

With a stagger in our walk, and a face sporting a frown.

They actually enjoy it if we poison ourselves with dope-

And just stare into space with no trace of hope.

When we fight and destroy ourselves with such force-

We add fuel to society's fire- that's right, we're feeding the source.

We were once quite the vigorous ones, yet people who were at peace-

Until others came to infect us like a terrible disease.

We were rulers of great lands, and keepers of peace-

Harmony and love ran rampantly with ease.

Our hoots and hollers were as effective as today's AT&T-

We kept in touch with each other , no worries about a fee.

We were as advanced as the rest of the world, as we never hurt for food-

But as hard working people, we were seriously misunderstood.

For we were forcefully whisked away to a foreign place-

To be devilishly enslaved, beaten, and disgraced.

In spite of all odds, the Black Man and his family-

Sill exists today, with attitude, and healthy faculty.

WE can do whatever it is that we choose to achieve-

With a strong faith in God, and the willingness to believe.

Now, with all of our history, we possess a gift-

We are powerful, and strong- we are adaptable and swift.

We possess the ability to take care of our own-

We can own our businesses, and even our homes.

We can have seats in government office, and honorably serve-

We are doctors and lawyers, educators, and inventors, of great nerve.

And maybe for some, THIS might trigger an epiphany-

But we, as Black Men, are a great part of society.

We, as Black Men should understand love-

For it is a very special type of this which comes down from Above.

We love our women, and cherish our friends-

And in spite of history, we have strived to make amends.

There is a nasty word in our vocabulary: nigger-

There are a host of negative thoughts that this terrible word triggers.

But you see, there is something else about us, that society tends to neglect-

And that, dear folks: the Black Man has intellect.

There are many in society who would welcome Slavery's sequel-

At the very least, some do not see us as equal.

But I implore you to know, that in God's Master Plan-

He will ALWAYS have a place for the Black Man.

Lord Jesus, I am proud of who I am, that's a fact-

And God, I thank You for making me Black.

No matter what bumps in the road are caused by men-

This Black Man thanks You for Your guidance, again and again.

Reginald E. Slade

17 February 2002 (Sunday)

Copyrighted 2002
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