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Still pluggin away at it!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Still pluggin away!

I had a gain last week that put me back in the 160's. It messed with my head. I have been BUSTING my butt and to have any gain esp one that put me back in the 160s was rough. BUT...unlike other times, i did NOT stray, and I did NOT let the scale takeover. I reached out to all my accountability partners and groups and managed to stay the course.

AND...it paid off. This week I lost what I gained PLUS a pound. Yahooooo!

My eating has been 100% perfect on plan. I have been drinking a gallon of water per day. I have been checking in with my sparkteams on BLC 30 and Winter 4% challenge daily, I have reached out to my buddies and accountability partners. I refuse to do this alone! I text my trainer every day what i ate. And, I do not skip a day at the gym M-F. (weekends are just too hard since i work 15 hour days sat and sun).

Is it easy? not even a little bit. Do i have temptation? Daily. Do I want to ignore the alarm when it wants me to get up at 5 a.m.? of course. But I also want to hit goal. I also want to get on stage. I want that six pack. I want to see 140 (or below). I want to finally prove to myself that I CAN do something and that I WONT fail. And so far, I'm doing a pretty darn good job.
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