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Week One Down & On To Week Two...

Friday, January 15, 2016

Well looks like we got to, what I call, the official end to week one! Am I happy? Am I sad? Will I continue? All great questions!!!

I started my week one of trying to eat healthier, exercise, and just over all enjoying life. Then my TOM (time of the month) came... Ggggrrr! But I will not let this stop me! I will keep pushing!

To get the correct weigh loss, I would have to go back two weeks. During that (not) wonderful TOM time, I can gain from 2 to 5 pounds! I hate it! I had a weigh in RIGHT in the middle of it all, so I choose to go back a week to get a correct weight loss.

So how did I do??
Let's start with exercise...
I said I would go three times a week because the trainer I talked to at the gym said you need to let your muscles rest, and 3 times a week is what is best. That is what I did last time and works good for me. If I have time or can go more, I will but with busy cubs, three works for now (wink). I did have to take a break last week due to my heavy days, but I made sure to get back to it AS SOON AS I COULD! So over all, exercising... check! Off to a good start!

Then there was eating better and making smarter choices...
Well normally with my TOM I want to eat EVERYTHING in the house! I'm happy to say, this time, not the case. I only ate during those normal times and I was SO happy! BUT... yes there is always a "but"... right after I was done my TOM, it was like I didn't eat in a week!!! The little bit of grass I could see peeking out from the dirty grey snow outside was looking good to me to eat!

Luckily this "want to eat everything in site" lasted one day! Thank-you God!!! I did go over my calories, but happy to say I ate pretty healthy. I did have some Andes Mints here and there during the day to help with the CONSTANT chocolate craving!!!

Next hurdle... the cubs were not home due to track meets... and it was a date night for Papabear & I. I was scared! We decided to go to Papabear's favorite place... it's a Mexican Restaurant with some American choices. Well I was nervous, even though my favorite meal I get is a pick 2. I normally get the Chicken Tortilla Soup and a side salad (dressing on the side). But today I went with choice two... it's a Turkey Avocado Sandwich. It has real, fresh, turkey pieces, tomato, lettuce, their spicy mayo, and cut up stripe of avocado. Oh, homemade chips on the side too. So YUMMY! But still, a much better choice then the Enchiladas, or a steak, etc, I was happy with my choice. I didn't eat all the bread and all the chips (the chips...which is one of my favorites there). As I drove home I thought, next time maybe I should ask for a veggie on the side instead of the chips?!! They make these yummy mixed veggies sometimes. That would be good!

As the week went on, Papabear & I found ourselves home again with out the cubs and a chance to go out to eat. I must say, I was the one saying to stay home, but lost. We went to Boston Market. I figured this was a good choice. We both got the chicken, of course, and I had the two sides picked out... green beans and mixed veggies. Well no mixed veggies (gggrrrr), so green beans and potato wedges it was. I wasn't so happy but came home logged in the food and it wasn't too bad. I even stayed in my calories for the day, so I was happy.

Hard one for me. I LOVE, I mean LOVE my ice cream! I normally want this every night! But smarter choices mean with snacking too! I have been picking up fruit for those snacks in between times. Navel Oranges and my Red Grapefruit have been good right now. I will clarify, even though the 1st time I tried grapefruit as a child, but parents taught me to put a little sugar on it, I myself never liked it that way and always ate it normal!

I contacted my beautiful sister (Thanks!) for some ideas too! I do love popcorn and had always heard her talk about it done in the microwave with Kernels, not those microwave bags (gross) I never do my popcorn that way! Air popped was my way, but now this is an easy way if needed quickly! Loved it, even though the 1st try did have some burnt pieces, hee hee. Papabear likes to make homemade salsa, so that is a choice (looking for other things to dip in it other then chips), and I like the Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges, so that is a choice in the future. This week, I did have my ice cream... I get the slow turned and I DID weigh it out!!! I was a good girl! I have allowed myself to having it once a week, if needed (hee hee).

Last thing I did to help with my eating... smaller plates and bowls! I always thought this was stupid since if I want more I could always go for more. But I'm trying to be good and, again, weigh my food/portion.

So I won't give myself a "check" for here, but I was happy I made smarter choices and for next time, I even have better smarter choices plan. We (Papabear & I) have agreed both to be better, so meals at home will always be our 1st choice. But even on SP, Biggest Loser, etc... they say you have to learn when you are out or those busy soccer/track meet nights to make better choices. It's week 1, I'm learning... hee hee.

So exercising, eating better... I say it's a good start! And now for the results... for (what I'm calling) week one... I lost 3 pounds! I would of loved more, but I have to remember slow and steady wins the race! So I'll take it! Now this is going back two weeks really. I did gain for my TOM, so if you were to add in that loss it was 5 total.

Now week two... I'm ready!!! We can do this! (wink)
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