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Thursday, January 14, 2016

I am really excited for what I have to offer in 2016. Not what 2016 offers me. I have put in the effort and keep the discipline. Last March I decided to change my life by taking charge of it. I just decided I was done I was done with being miserable. I was done with the anxiety and isolation. I was done with the pain. It was time to take charge and gain control. I set off by making some small goals like portion control and then I started changing what I was eating. I started making better food choices. Then I decided what to do some work out videos, so there I was sweating in my living room. I just took it one day at a time honestly more like one hour at a time and before I knew it just a few months later I had dropped already 45 pounds. It seems slow at first but I really did get caught off guard. Just seeing and catching a glimpse of my arm would freak me out. I'd be like " who's arm is this? This isn't my arm! This is some smaller persons arm!" Lol and I'm still freaking myself out. Yesterday I found a pair of pants from a trip I took to Denver. While there I walked color me rad. I had bought some shorts. I was so embarrassed. They were so tight the print was a little distorted. I decided to try them on. I can't believe that heavy girl was me. I was so tired and in pain. Bad back. Bad ankles and feet. This year I have some new goals. I can't wait to meet them and share them and inspire. Remember, one day at a time or if you are like me, take it one hour at a time. You can do this.
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