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Visualizing my journey

Saturday, January 09, 2016

Comparisons - 26 lbs gone (since start of spark journey - starting weight 287).

I decided to document my weight loss journey more closely. This is almost as difficult as hanging my first full-length mirror in years. I knew I had to stop avoiding and come to terms with my body as it is now.

Since it's hard to tell by looking at myself each day, I'm adding pictures here to try to visualize the changes throughout this process. I know other successful sparkers have said that it is very motivating to see the small changes during a long journey. So here goes (ps - I'm a terrible selfie taker lol).

Face pictures - Before

A bit sweaty at a yoga retreat

Face picture (-26lbs). I think I see more definition in my cheeks/chin.

After a nice long hike

Body pictures -Before

Close to 300 here & very uncomfortable in my own skin. I stopped weighing around June, so this is a guesstimate. The clothes were tight and my knees were hurting from a weekend of walking around my niece's college. This was a major turning point, as I really started feeling the toll the extra weight was taking on my body (never mind my body image issues).

Not the most flattering - I was trying to turn to the side and hide some of my weight here.

Today, I liked how this outfit is fitting. Down 2 sizes in pants. The top was too tight when I bought it and now getting loose. I'm down 1 size in tops.

I need to add a comparison workout picture tomorrow when I do Zumba.
Happy Sparking, Everyone. emoticon
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