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Busy weekend

Friday, January 08, 2016

The temperature got better - for the moment it is -7 C outside (7 in the morning) which means that I have +19 inside and that is perfect... some snow has fallen, need to shovel a bit today but that is also ok.

This weekend has to be devoted to writing assignments, I have an article waiting to be written, have postponed it for two weeks which means it will be a lot harder to write than when it was new in my head, I just hope that my notes will bring the story to life again...
I also want to do the paper for the univeristy course about "culture in the Bible" I took this autumn, deadline is the 21th of january and it would be nice to have done it before the situation at work starts to get too busy. I donĀ“t need to do it at all, the points it will give me I have no use for but I know that the guy who runs this course needs people to do the exam, then he will be allowed to set it up more times, he is really clever and when this course was introduced it was meant to be one time only, but this autmun was the fourth time the university has given it, more and more people wants to attend, probably because this guy is such a good and engaged lecturer.

I left of the clothes for welfare yesterday, will load my car with more bags for the dump today... and spend some time in my store room and see what I can live without... it is going to be very hard but the thought that I would be able to go and look for things without having to do a lot of shifting things around is very compelling!
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