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January madness...

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

At my door there are these bags waiting to be transported to the welfare container or the dump - and outside it is - 18C this morning. I have to have an extra heater in the kitchen, ity is for the moment (9.23 in the morning) +17C and it will raise to +19 during the day. I think it´s colder in my bedroom I have no heaters in there, only the warmth that circulates from the kitchen and living room. But I sleep very well when it is colder and I have sheep skin slippers and woolen sweathers and I am not cold.

But it is not very practical to have all this "use it or lose it" philosophy when things are supposed to leave the house, I will have to stack them by the door until I am ready to pack all things out in my car and then I will not like to keep the door open more than necessary.

I-worldproblems - when googling it I find that the english version is "first world problems" and a very interesting article that sya that using that experssion is "condescending and dehumanising to literally everyone on the planet" ...wow. So it is just my problem but as I have the beggars from the Romania in the back of my head, I feel sort of ashamed that I consider it as a problem... I was distributing soup for the church among the "eu-migrants" that lives in caravans in the city the other week and I cannot forget them. And then it was above zero degrees outside but they have no electricity in their caravans and no heaters - they use tea candles.

It is hard to help people because I have to meet them, and understand the conditions they have. And i also have to realise that I can do very little to help.

Yesterday evening - twelfth night - we had the traditional gathering of us feminists that worked with my newspaper 1988-1994. The tradition is that I bring an hourglass along that measures about ten minutes and we pass it around and she who has it is allowed to speak without interruptions for ten minutes - I have instituted this tradition as I really wanted to hear every persons reflections "for today" when we had our annual meeting, and it was not possible before because the conversation was interrupted and hijacked all the time... the idea is of course inspired from twelve step shares that I learned gives me so much. And it is interesting - we have done these meetings for ten years and the timeglass for maybe eight and at the start people used their time to tell what they had been doing the past year and what was upcoming the nest... this time one women used her time to tell us about her grief for a childhood friend that unexpectedly died in november, another (who is a successful pr-person with her own company and 18 empolyees) about her plans to start an education to become a priest (five years for the swedish lutheran church, she is not yet 50 so it is doable)... each person was really reflecting over their lives and I love them so much... and if the Bechdeltest would be appliable to gatherings we did very well (Bechdel or "Mo movie measure" says that a movie has to have two named female parts that speak between them about something else than men)... one of us remarried a year ago and she spent about 30 seconds to say that she wa still madly in love with her new husband - otherwise it was politics, refugees, literature, grandchildren, travels work, retirement, media... such an energyfilled evening! I am blessed to have these friends!
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    How nice that you have these gatherings. I can imagine you felt blessed.
    1755 days ago
    Your annual meeting sounds like an amazing experience. Thank you again for sharing it with us.
    1756 days ago
    I love your sharing of your gathering of long time friends! Smiling as I think the hour glass would be great for a family gathering once a year! The interruptions are rampant and we need to listen more; making an "activity" of it could teach us all a lot.

    1756 days ago
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