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New Year Musings

Saturday, January 02, 2016

As I head into 2016, it occurs to me that I really do not like to make New Year's "resolutions," partly because the term feels so resolute (ha!). All joking aside, the word, for some reason, feels stiff and rigid to me - and so easily broken when it's so rigid.

I've decided to put my own name to it and call my 2016 goals my "focus areas." I've always loved James Redfield's words, "Where attention goes, energy flows." So this year, I'm picking areas to give attention to in all parts of my life. But those areas can be fluid, going stronger and weaker at times, or going away for short periods of time, if appropriate. For example, with exercise, I believe in one full day of rest a week. Just like my body needs a periodic rest, so does my mind, so I want the occasional day where I can go "out of focus," for lack of a better way to explain.

So this year, I want to focus on:
-A continued gratitude practice
-Doing more random acts of kindness
-Consistent exercise (no resolution to work out every day!); in 2015, I successfully dumped the "all or nothing" attitude
-Farmers markets, as soon as they open, hopefully weekly (we have several organic markets and some are even open for evening hours, not just weekends)
-Finding out who I am now when I'm totally by myself after losing my partner of 13 years
-A few home projects that were delayed for reasons out of my control
-My writing; I have a friend who wants to have planned writing sessions every 1-2 weeks, plus I want to do more writing in solitude; I've found both to be helpful with creativity
-Check out some Communiversity classes; the catalog comes out in January and they have all kinds of short-term, non-credit classes for a variety of interests (meditation, writing, cooking, music, etc.)
-Continuing to add new life to this new life of mine, whatever that means
-Read more (I just ordered TWO used books on amazon.com relating to the saxophone)
-Start playing an instrument again, either picking up the guitar more (I played years ago) or tackling the saxophone (or I could try electric guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, keyboards - I have much variety available to me in my partner's music room), the idea is to bring PLAYING music back into my life
-I think the last few areas of focus can be looked at as my desire to put more creativity into my life!

So I might have to come back and add to this blog as I begin to focus more on my 2016 areas of focus! But I think I've hit the nail on the head with wanting to be fluid ... in all that I do, giving myself a bit of freedom to change course, refocus, whatever I need to do!
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