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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

At just ten pounds shy of my highest all-time weight, I have begun my own weight loss, nutrition education, and fitness group. Well, I didn't really start it; it was started FOR me. Back in October I received a random Facebook invite to join a weight loss challenge from a woman I had never met. My first thought: she can tell I am fat? Second thought: I AM fat! LOL. I responded and ended up showing up to her informational meeting. Myself and two other women showed up. The "Health Coach" as she liked to call herself was pretty but stand-offish, polite but curt, and really wasn't welcoming. I needed a fire lit under my butt so I signed up for her 6 week challenge. I ended up recruiting 3 of my friends to join.

As suspected, the Health Coach and our group didn't jive well. We were a group of six college-educated, career professionals who she spoke to like we barely graduated middle school. Honestly, despite our weight issues, each of us held a high level of self-esteem and confidence. She did not. She hid her insecurities behind nice makeup and nice clothes, she liked to flaunt the fact that she was a business owner (our meetings were held in her bar) and from the military. Her boyfriend, who she referred to as her "husband", was always around making eyes at the women and in turn, she cut her eyes at us often. We were OVER her but we completed the challenge. I won by the way emoticon

With that being said, the four of us who were already friends, came to love the other two young ladies and adopted them into our family. And we all understood that we still needed to continue our mission to better health. I raised my hand and now I am leading a group of strong, beautiful, positive women . . . whilst I am in the need of being rebuilt! What I know about myself is that I do better when I am asked to lead rather than follow. I am HORRIBLE at following someone else's lead. I also hate to disappoint so I have been researching and developing the best lesson plans, tools, and techniques to make my girls successful. In turn, I should also be successful. One huge shift is that before, with the exception of my girl Sarah, all of the other women were completely sedentary. Tricia has a love for working out but had allowed her life to push it to the back burner. I am proud to say that I have introduced the ladies to Mixxed Fit AND THEY ARE ADDICTED. Last night we went as a team and TURNED THE HOUSE OUT!

I sweated my hair OUT, BABY!! Tonight will be the first meeting since we parted ways with the other Health Coach (we actually came back for a second session and quit half way through). I am confident in my abilities as a facilitator (that's my job), I am confident in my ability to inspire and motivate, I am not as confident in my ability to walk the walk but I am excited to for the opportunity to make myself proud and I really want to get back to the Nikki circa 2013.
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