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Sometimes you just need to do what you can.

Friday, December 11, 2015

So I have a fibrous growth at the bottom of my foot and it feels like I'm walking on a pebble.

A large, very hard pebble.

Truth be told, it's been there for a while. Say 3 months.

But minor discomfort has bloomed into full blown pain and near incapacitation in terms of mobility.

And it's "that time" of the year.

The time that everyone brings out the refined sugar and flour cookies, rich drinks, heavy meats and cheeses, traditional fare that Grandma used to make when Grandpa worked on a farm and needed the extra calories.


And I can not gain a single pound. Really. The fibrous growth on the bottom of my foot tells me that.

It also in my more depressed moments tells me that if I had not put on the 30 lbs in the last two years, it would be a lot better off.

Thank you. Now Shut up fibrous growth.

And the pain has changed the mechanics of my gait.

Truth be told, I have no gait anymore. It's really more of a hobble.

I'm waiting for an MRI, and from there it will be steroids to help shrink it and maybe surgery.

But in the mean time....

I'm on a mission to keep my food within 1200-1500 calories.


Which means the dreaded logging of the food.

So that is what I'll be doing.

I have to. I can not gain a single pound this holiday season and I HAVE to do what I can.

And I'll be doing what I can to keep active. Swimming might be on the agenda...


Thanks for being there with your struggles and inspiration.


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