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How Did I Gain 10 Pounds This Year???

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

It's a sad fact. In 2010/2011, I lost almost 30 pounds. (28 to be exact). And, I kept it off for about a year and a half. Since then, the weight has crept back on.

This year, though, the weight 'poured' on. I was so frustrated to see that I'd gained 10 pounds since January! That means I'd regained 20 of the 28 pounds I'd lost.

I guess the "big" lightbulb moment was when we were headed on a short trip to a cooler environment.... & I had to try on ALL of my jeans from last year & could only fit into two of them! emoticon

Yes, eating was a BIG issue. But, so was the lack of exercise - partly due to some injuries.

Last Monday, on December 1st, I started my 2nd real journey. Yes, there have been many false restarts with SP the past few years, but this is the REAL DEAL.

I started tracking food & have done that every day except Sunday. And, I've started exercising. I've re-found some things I can do with my injuries right now. And, I'm enjoying it!

This morning was my first weigh in. I actually don't know what my exact weight was when I started - I was afraid the number would depress me & paralyze me from getting started. I know I'd already hit 150. And then there was Thanksgiving, so I am guessing I gained at least a pound. I'm going with the guess that I weighed 151.

Today? I weigh 147! That's a 4 pound weight loss in 8 days! emoticon And, a couple of days ago I had to tighten my belt on one of those pairs of jeans.

I'm excited and ready to continue this journey. I just did a 35 minute workout & am thinking about running a very slow mile.

I have a funeral to attend & will be travelling 2 of the next 4 days & then be around grief & food. So, I'm nervous about that. But, I will do my best. And, if I mess up, I'll be back on track when I get back.

Thanks to all my SP friends & those who drop by & encourage me! We can do this!!!

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