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Vacation Blog: Week2: The Great Lakes

Monday, October 26, 2015

Hubby and I just finished a two-month long vacation. It was hard to blog while I was gone because we were camping a lot and I had very limited access to the internet. Week 1 of our vacation was spent travelling from our home in Tennessee to our old stomping grounds in the Chicago area to visit friends and family. I don't have much in the way of pictures from that part of the vacation.....just lots of sweet memories of spending time with those I love.

Week 2 of our vacation became know as "The Great Lakes Portion" of our trip. I didn't realize at the time I was planning the trip that I'd get to stick my big toe is several of the Great Lakes.....

Aug. 27: We drove up to Green Bay, WI from Chicagoland. All along the way, we were treated to views of Lake Michigan. Once we got to Green Bay, we checked out their botanic gardens. It's small compared to the one in Chicago, but very nicely done and can easily been seen in a couple hours. This is a little house in the children's section of the park showing how it's possible to grow things on the roof of a building.
The flowers there were lovely.

We checked into a hotel room with a huge kitchen as part of the room, complete with a full-sized refrigerator, stove and dishwasher. If we had been on the road for a while we would have jumped at the chance to make use of the kitchen. As it was, we just stored some drinks in the fridge and went out for sushi. Yum.

Aug. 28: We drove from Green Bay to a campsite close to Mackinac Island in Straits State Park. Along the way, we stopped to do a little sight-seeing at Stephenson Island. It's a little island on the border between Wisconsin and the UP of Michigan. It was a big logging site back in the day. The loggers would cut the trees and send them down the river to Stephenson Island where they would be cut into lumber and put on barges on Lake Michigan. There was a little museum there with tons of things used in the logging industry and by the native indians in the area at the time the logging was happening.

[my computer just posted this blog while I was writing it...come back in a hour or so to see the completed blog]

We got to Straits State Park about 4pm and set up camp for the next two nights.

We could see Lake Huron from our site. This is the bridge connecting upper and lower Michigan. Of course, I had to stick my big toe in the lake!

The bridge was really pretty after dark all lit up.

Aug. 29: Mackinac Island. We took the ferry to Mackinac in the morning. It was Saturday on Labor Day weekend, so there were a lot of people! We rented bikes and biked around the island. That was fun! After riding around the island, we walked all over the place, up hills and down. I think I had about 20,000 steps on my Fitbit that day! It was a beautiful, fun day. One of my favorite parts was stopping to build a little "rock tower" along the way on the bike ride.

[my computer is acting strange and I don't want to lose this blog so I'm going to end it here for today]
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