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I seek a diet (food plan) recommendation!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Does anyone have ideas about a good diet plan?

I have a couple of stipulations: I don't want a plan that involves much, if any, soy. I also do not want a plan that endorses artificial sugars of any kind---anything that end in "-ose" or "-al", nor do I want to use stevia.

I don't mind limited carbohydrates but I want a plan that might permit at least 75 carbs per day on a semi-regular basis. So I don't want extremely low carb diets. Nor do I want a vegan diet.

I am looking at intermittent fasting, at 5-2; at Fuhrman, and several others.

I am an extreme introvert and don't want to go to meetings nor invest in the kind of money that WW requires.

What has worked for you? I want something I can adhere to; I want something that can work for somebody who does not like processed foods and I know that any weight loss I might have will be slow and plodding.

I am willing and eager to accept advice and to learn about your experiences.
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    Wow, something different works well for everyone. I eat a high fat diet, usually at least 65% fat, 25% protein and about 10% carbs, which sometimes go up to 15%. When I eat this way, satiety sets in and I easily eat about 1200 - 1500 calories a day. My carbs are mostly low carb veggies and fruits, and I east as much of those as I want.

    The Whole 30 was also a great food program, and it makes sense to me, I just didn't lose any weight doing it.

    In the past I have donean hCG diet, and modified it as well, and that was the most successful for me at the time. It isn't a fad, and it does work. As with any weight loss plan, the rub comes when you transition back to real life eating.
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    HI, Tammae has already said it all really! 5:2 ... or any variety of intermittent fasting is not for everyone! But certainly worth trying!! if you are one who it works for ... it is amazing!!

    I have tired WW and slimming world .. logic being .. I can't afford this .. I MUST make it work ... did it work? NO.... and I did stick to it all ... plus,I didn't enjoy it all !!
    As to having things you can't eat and things you must eat? I don't think this is sustainable long term ... without a lot of will power and depriving yourself!
    I am on a very restricted income, so any 'diet' that tells me what foods I need to buy? not going to happen! It has to be within range of the purse!

    I do the 5:2, I don't follow a book or any diet plan as such. I have 2 days a week, that are around 500 cals. As you can imagine, a couple of packet soups, some instant hot oats and whatever fruit is in season locally, could make up a days food, warming ridiculously easy to prepare and VERY cheap! My other 5 days I just try to keep to whatever calorie range the spark tracker suggests.

    I have gone from 210-147 since January and have not the slightest doubt that I will hit my ultimate target next year. HOWEVER, it is certainly NOT for everyone! I know a few who have tried is and have HATED it! Just worth giving a try and see how you go.
    Good luck with whatever you try next. xx

    2057 days ago

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    When you find something that works, please let me know -- I'm stuck!

    2061 days ago
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    I saw your blog listed on the 5:2 Fast Diet team. Intermittent fasting was the key for my weight loss and I only began this diet 16 months ago (lost over 65 lbs). Basically, it is eating a total of 500-600 calories twice per week which ever days you choose and keeping your calories at a normal number on the other days of the week.

    The Fast Diet will work for any food choices and I really think that is why many people are successful. You don't have to give up your favorite foods. You can move "fasting" days to fit the holidays, meetings, work, etc. I wish I'd known about this YEARS ago.
    If you choose to go to the team page I have some highlights from the FastDiet book in General Discussion as well as the original video. Feel free to chat and ask questions too if you choose to go in this direction. Everyone is very helpful.

    Everyone is so different in their weight loss journey. I hope you find what works for you... best wishes!
    2063 days ago
    I haven't used a diet per se, just restricted calories (1300-1550 during loss phase). And I get hungry if I don't get enough protein, so I aimed for 20 g protein with each meal (min 60 g per day). This automatically meant low-ish carbs... (like 120-180g daily?) If you need 60 g of protein and have only 1300-1550 cals to work with you can't waste many cals on pasta or rice or breads etc. That makes it hard to get enough fibre, so I had to increase veggies, and played with high fibre grains like farro and barley. Lentils are my friend...

    We eat almost no prepared foods, so it means pretty simple eating. Lean meat, poultry, fish, beans and lentils, eggs, Greek yogurt (2% fat), low fat cheese, nut butters, whole grains, baked potatoes, lots of veggies, some fruit. But also no real deprivation (just cut out sweets and such, restricted alcohol) and rarely any real hunger. Cut out snacks.

    I think it has made transition to maintenance easier, because it's not really a 'diet' so much as a way of eating. Still tracking every thing eaten, ideally in advance!
    2064 days ago

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    fuhrman - you don't need to do soy as long as you do beans. nothing processed in it. it works:-) you can also look at engine 2- and mcdougall - none require soy, mcdougall is heavier on the carbs, all use whole foods. a combination of these has worked for us.
    2064 days ago
    In the end we are all an experiment of "one"
    I was lucky in that the SP nutrition recommendations worked for me. Even the carb range was fine. A low carb day for me is staying under 200 - 50-60% of the total calories depending on my activity level.

    I also avoid all artificial sweeteners and minimize processed food. For me it was and still is all about portion control. I also eat 2 healthy snacks per day.

    Good luck finding what works for you. The answer is out there.

    2064 days ago
    I do daily intermittent fasting and do a modified paleo/primal type diet. I mostly try to do clean eating to some extent. There are different concepts of what the term means. For me it means no transfat, no nitrites or nitates, less sodium, no hormones/antibiotics/additives/chem
    icals/pesticides, minimal processed foods, no sugar/caffeine/alcohol/ soy. Grass fed, organic. Lots of fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts, lean meat, healthy fats, high quality dairy, and some legumes.
    2064 days ago

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    Read The Whole30. It has changed my life.
    2064 days ago
    I eat lean proteins like fish, chicken and turkey. Whole grain wheat breads and grains ( limited ), no fried foods and lots of fruits and veggies.
    2064 days ago
    I have tried intermittent fasting with success. I have also tried the fast metabolism diet by Hailey Pomroy. The FMD is kind of rigid though in that you can only eat certain foods on certain days. No sugar, no soy, no dairy, no wheat (except sprouted bread). Essentially, you eat grains, protein, fruits and vegetables on days 1 & 2, protein and only certain veggies on day 3 & 4, and grains, fats, protein, veggies and limited fruit on days 5,6, & 7. It is a 28 day regime. It does work, it just takes a lot of work and determination. Right now, I tend to stick to a balanced diet of 1200-1500 cals a day and that works. Good luck!
    2064 days ago
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