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Monday, September 28, 2015

My regular Dr and I have fought for 2 years about cholesterol. It was that time again, 6 month blood meds check up. I wasn't prepared for the results.

My A1C was 6, my fasting glucose 110, they had both JUMPED up. And I was out of pre-diabetic range 6 months ago.

My cholesterol was always high but now its higher, (286) my good chol went down, it used to always be down, but on Atkins it went up!! That was exciting!

My potassium was low, my sodium was oddly low, that combo worried her. I take a potassium supplement. I drink a lot of liquids.

I'm also having a breast biopsy that needs to be done under anesthesia, Dr knows I have trouble with anesthesia so she wants my blood work "better" (glucose, potassium, sodium) first.

Of course she wants me to take my Statin again and possibly Metform. She's warned me.

I had my Drs nurse call my Endocrinologist. The Endo said since the only change in that period was my Fasting I should stop Fasting. My Endo again recommends mini meals every 4 hours. She says its worth a try, just to see. But I don't know how I can eat if I'm not hungry??
Will the mini meals make me hungry?

My regular Dr thinks Fasting is bad period, whether your blood work is good or bad. :o(

I was doing 8:16 and switched to 5:2 again. The weight was starting to come off again slowly.

Fasting comes so naturally to me and I don't want to "mess" up my colon which loves those long breaks of no digesting. Fasting was incredibly hard in the beginning, but now its the easiest thing I've done.

If I seriously look at how my always thin 61 yr old husband eats I realize he (naturally) Fasts. BUT after his Fast he carb loads. Not a lot of food, but all carbs, with fat.

Stress also could be a factor. My marriage is at its worst point ever. Right before Grumpy hit 60 and now after; he has a "new" attitude about everything. Living with a man who can't tolerate you could make your blood work wonky! LOL!! I see so many women my age on SP with marriages like mine. I sympathize greatly with you all. These are not the Golden Years.

Or was it diet? My diet has always been Low Carb, but with feeding the kids Paleo and not counting their carbs. I was eating a lot of things I wouldn't cook for me. Not as meals but, tasting. Yeah lots of tasting. LOL! So on a day where I'd probably eat 100 g carb or less I was adding at a minimum 50-100 carbs more from Flax, almond flour, dashes of raw honey or maple syrup. It adds up so fast!

So I'm back on Induction. Monday is Day 4. No carb flu like 2 years ago. Since my sodium was low on my blood work I was already eating more salt. :o) Weight is not falling off, but my already many meds have lovely "side effects" that makes it slower. So I'm not going to even use the scale much. Pants were going down a size already from fasting and now with 3 days Induction I'm in a 16.

I will say after Living Low carb 2 years Induction is much easier! I eat exactly the same. And I'd like to think I'm "smarter".

Tomorrow I schedule another Dr visit to "fight" it out. I am not increasing my Statin, but I will take the low amount I used to take. I will not take Metform. But I will walk daily and monitor my BP and BS better.

Thanks for listening :o)
You are all in my thoughts and prayers as we figure this out together!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Well my sweet friend, I am ashamed to say I haven't been keeping close track of you or my other friends,,,,, Hang in there lady, I have a full blood panel schedules early tomorrow morning and I dread the outcome.
    623 days ago
  • KAREN608
    The stress alone can mess with your bloodwork, and doctors do not understand this at all! The stress of my husband dying and my moving, had my BP crazy. I had to give it time to settle down. I don't know about my other numbers as the year isn't up for going to the doctor yet for bloodwork. I'm in no hurry. Sorry you are dealing with so much.
    2020 days ago
  • ERIN1957
    My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Please, please look into Keto and Cancer. So many amazing doctors out there.
    2038 days ago
  • SKATER787
    I just saw this post. I hope it's not too late. DO NOT do biopsy. If there is cancer, it will cause it to spread. It's the worst thing you can do to yourself. Don't listen to the BS from doctors, they're all trained the same way. Their protocol is wrong. Period. I'll talk some more if you want. It's all exploratory at your expenses. They'll make a Swiss cheese out of your breasts. Don't do it.

    Eating every 4 hours is absurd. It'll mess up your leptin. Watch this video for a good guidelines on 'when' to eat. Cut out the grains is my general advice along with advice from this video.

    2043 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/8/2015 2:15:42 PM
  • no profile photo CD15212119
    Even though I am eating much better and feeling better my blood pressure and cholesterol hasn't change for the better. It was a big disappointment so I know how you feel. I hope your biopsy goes well. I've been through a couple myself so I know how it worries you. I have a mammogram scheduled for next month but I expect it will go well. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on intermittent fasting. I was happy to hear your perspective on it.
    2045 days ago
    LORAGIB5 I couldn't Thank You for visiting, you don't have a page! :o) Maybe you'll see this! Thank You for your kind words. (((HUGS)))
    2050 days ago
    Ah sweet gal, I'm sorry to read this. I know how well you were doing with the fasting & as it was coming easily for you, it stinks that your doctor is recommending against it. Sure hope everything falls into place for you. It stinks that the older we get, our bodies fight against our losing weight & then to deal with meds that are fighting against you as well - double stink. My mom called me yesterday to tell me a gal from my HS just died of a heart attack. She was about 5 years older than me and always heavy like me. That's all I can think about now. Why is losing weight so difficult?! Well, I know that you will do well - you are doing great on induction & I know how much that "flu" from it wears you down. Hopefully now that you're further along you are feeling better. I'm about to start it again myself. As for hubby - all I can say is hang in there. I don't think it's easy for anyone :) but it's definitely harder for a lot.... so I will pray that he comes to his senses & treats you better! Thinking of you and cheering you on from my neck of the woods. At least fall is here - cooler weather always perks me up a bit! Have a great day & stay strong!
    2051 days ago

    Stay strong and keep working it out!
    2052 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14651201
    Do you take a disease modifying drug for MS? Just wondering in case that Is efffecting your lab results. emoticon emoticon
    2052 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14489678
    Sending prayers for you!
    2053 days ago
    Good luck my friend..... It's such a hard battle to fight
    2053 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8260135
    I'm sorry about your stress and marriage. You need support more than ever now so remember we are here for you. My prayers are going up for you today.

    As I think about your health situation I wonder "what would I do?" I KNOW I'd go back to Atkins Induction. Would a blood test every three months give you an indication of what is going on while you are on induction? After reading about how your colon has improved it is hard to face that you would have to remove fasting from your health journey. Girl, you are between a rock and a hard place!

    Ugh... statins and metform. I hope the doctor lets you hold off on those until you get another blood test to see if the diet changes are helping. Hang in there Eliz... put on the boxing gloves today... God bless you, friend.
    2053 days ago
    I feel the same about Statins. I want to be on the lowest dose possible. My heart goes out to you. Anytime you want to share I will listen
    2054 days ago
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