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Fall 5% Step 6- Motivation for Weight Loss

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Good morning my friends. Hope you are all well.
As for the topic I chose today. I'm doing the challenge this time around.
Can't wait for it to start. It is an 8 week program.
You are on a team were you encourage each other as you get fit.
My assignment was to write down why you want to lose weight.
So this is what I have. You can write suggestions comments etc. if you like.

Step Six- Motivation
The reason I want to lose weight is for me and me alone.
I am tried of feeling like I can't keep up with my family or Fiancée.
I want to be fit and healthy inside and out.
The way I can do this is to stop worrying about the scale and what others think.
I need to focus on doing little things like cutting back the snack cakes.
These little devils are not good for you. And the soda is killer on the joints.
(Will start cutting back if not cutting them out.)
I am also going to make sure I exercise daily without excuses.
Yes, I know I am a part-time deli worker with crazy houses.
Sometimes I don't get home until 8pm at night. But, I got to be healthy.
(I have cancer and diabetes on both sides of the family). So got to start being careful.
For the emotional side, Will stop eating out of stress and loneliness.
I am going to yoga, journal, and talk to someone when I feel the urge to snack.
(Also do a lot of bible studying and praying).
And not beat myself up when I tend to slip a little bit or a lot
My negative messages are what I am mostly working on.
I want to help others and myself but can't do it if I am attacking me!
I believe we can all do this together!
So 30 minutes of exercise a day is my goal.
Eating 5 freggies a day. Drinking more water.
Journal, praying and talking to others when I don't feel good.
Do yoga daily. Keep healthy snacks instead of the junk.
Baby carrots, power bars, apples etc. Don[t drink more than one soda daily.
And later on start skipping in between days.
Praise the Good Lord and focus on the positive instead of the negative.
I am blessed truly! I have a good family, Spark Friends, and Fiancée.
Yes, Chris proposed on Sept 12th. The wedding is Nov 12, 2016.
I am nervous but can't wait. Very happy. I got a good man.
And his boys are wonderful.
Chris, Lan, and Ridge are another reason for getting healthy.
I want to be around for Chris and the boys.
I want to teach them good eating habits. And to like exercise.
The boys do like playing basketball. And Chris walks.
But there is a lot of junk in their house. (Grandma brings it for them).
How do I leave it alone? Sounds like I need to bring healthy snacks.
Will look at the Healthy Super bowl recipes before Super bowl Sunday.
We are going to make it though. Thanks for reading.
I can't wait to encourage all of you and help you on your journey.
Have a good rest of the week and weekend my friend!
Your buddy in Christ and Fitness, Holly emoticon emoticon

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are doing good, hard work, and you are worth it.

    It might not sound as appealing, but what do you think of switching to diet soda as a step? I used to drink diet soda all day, and then switched to water except when I went out to eat. Then I changed my signature drink to filtered tap water, or water no ice in a restaurant. I have saved so much money dining out and at home that way! I never have to buy beverages.
    2059 days ago
  • KMW987
    Have fun on your challenge! I wanted to join one this fall but then I had my accident. So I'll live through you guys! LOL!
    2059 days ago
    Don't know the boys, but ... maybe they can eat the snacks and still be fit and healthy...

    My suggestion is to make sure the healthy stuff is there for YOURSELF with enough to share with the others...

    LEAD by EXAMPLE... eat right and refuse to be a couch potato
    AND, get up and MOVE...

    When the males in your life decide to give up the less healthy snacks... let them be the ones to ask Grandma to stop bringing them by, or at least not so often. (It is NOT a good idea to get on the bad side of Grandma. I expect she has been part of the family a lot longer than you have.)

    Just my thoughts... from a MIL & Grandma
    (MIL =Mother In Law)

    2059 days ago
    You can do this. Can you talj to gram about cutting down the snacjs?
    2059 days ago
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