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Why the struggle???

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

For two years I tried to change my eating habits - I paid almost $200 a month for a personal trainer to tell me how to eat and how to exercise. Did that work? Yes and no. I lost 50 lbs, several inches, but the dog gone struggle over food remains! Will it ever go away? Will it even lessen? Will there ever be a day when I won't wake up thinking about hitting the drive thru for a McDevil meal and sugar laden coffee? Will I be able to walk down the sweet aisle at the grocery store without drooling over the chocolate? I'm tired...so very, very tired of it all. I'm tired of tracking food only to see the number on the scale go up and up and up week after week. I'm tired of exercising to the point of exhaustion only to be too pooped to do anything else - the more I exercise, the messier my house is, the less leisurely walks I want to take with the husband or kids, etc. I keep looking for answers - so many are out there! I feel like unless I shut myself up in a closet and just slam a medicine ball all day I will never lose weight and be healthy. And why, oh why, does every darn church event center around gobs and gobs of greasy, sugary food? Can we not have fellowship without thousands of calories? Ugh. And there is my mindset today...frustration...weakness
...questioning and second guessing. emoticon
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    Sorry you've been hit with that "will this ever end" blues. I bet most of us here get those every now and then. You are right to lament how we in the U.S. are in the rut of letting so much of what we do revolve around food, and most often around the less-than-healthy kinds of food. Maybe those of us who feel frustrated by that should take the lead in planning foodless events or events with healthy-only food choices. Ones at which dessert is fruit.

    Hang in there! You'll reach your goals!

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    2059 days ago
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    What helps me the most to get back on track is saying when I first wake up in the morning, "I'm going to take really good care of myself today. I'm going to run to God instead of food when my stomach isn't physically hungry. I'm going to give my overworked stomach a break today and eat just what it needs."
    2059 days ago
  • LINDA!
    I have had this struggle for so many years. I do begin each day thinking I will do better than yesterday. Somedays I do, most days I don't. One thing I have never done is give up. Just keep working. As long as we work at it, there is always the possibility of getting to our goal. Giving up for me, will end in more weight gain and flab. I just cannot do it.

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    2059 days ago

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    Oh gosh, I can so relate THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!!!! emoticon

    Still, we get up everyday and do the best we can. I find it helps sometimes just to stay in the day, or even just the moment. Maybe it's time to take a "me day" do something just for yourself that you love. It might be a massage, a mani-pedi, a new book or even a coffee at Starbucks (a skinny latte of course emoticon )

    Tomorrow is another day, emoticon

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    2059 days ago

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    best to you
    2059 days ago
    Thanks, everyone emoticon emoticon

    I have had my thyroid checked as my dad also deals with thyroid issues, and I had an enlarged thyroid this past spring. It was normal. I'll continue having it checked for a while, though.

    I've been tracking food for about a month again...didn't track much this summer, which is probably one reason why I gained over 20# emoticon My calorie differential shows that I should have a net loss, all things being equal, but that doesn't take into account water retention, muscle gain/loss, etc.

    But yeah...I'm battling discouragement and fatigue big time today. It's so good to blog about it and have support here at SP! Thanks everyone!!!

    2059 days ago
    Like Jzone said, tracking your food (I know it's yet another thing, but it gets easier and faster!) will help. It blows me away how many calories I can consume in a day without meaning too. Getting your thyroid checked might be a good plan as well. It may be possible that some foods are causing inflammation & other issues, such as wheats or sugars.
    I am so sorry you're feeling discouraged! Any chance your hubby & kids might join you in some fit activities? Canoeing, playing ball, biking, even a brisker walk? My toddler likes to do the cool down part of workout videos with me and I love that!
    I have one of those church events tonight & am dreading it. Know how you feel!
    2059 days ago
    Every day is a different day. The struggle is real and you can overcome it. You are worth it and you are enough.

    Can you suggest that church has meetings that don't involve food? More like something physical like getting a church team together for Habitat for Humanity, Cleaning up a park or highway? Working with underprivileged youth? Just changing the meeting space would help minimize the muscle memory. You have more strength than you know. All the best. A emoticon
    2059 days ago
    I also take healthy whatever I can eat to parties or church! BE THE CHANGE. You are doing it keep it up
    2059 days ago
    you said you keep gaining Are you following spark, have you had blood work to check thyroid? I agree with you about drive thy and church gatherings. So I think how unhealthy the drive thru is and if I made burger at home how I would make it healthy .
    2059 days ago
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