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Found a dog

Sunday, September 13, 2015

After getting off work at around 2am I went to a 24 hour grocery store to pick up food for the gathering at church to happen later this morning. As I was shopping a dog wandered into the store. It was a rather old looking German Shepherd. He was led back out only to come back inside. I wanted to intervene but at first I really didn't think there was anything I could do, so I continued my shopping, when I had everything in my cart I saw the dog had wandered in again. I then bought a leash and collar and thought if he lets me put it on him I'll take him home and try to find his owner. Turns out he was a really well behaved dog. He let me put him on a collar and I walked him over to my van for him to jump inside. He spent the rest of the early morning hours with food, water and shelter.

I went off to church and told the first person I saw about him, who then told his wife, who then connected with someone on facebook. The owner had been worried sick about him. Tonight we were just able to reunite this dog with his owner. I am so glad I was led to make the decision to take him home.
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