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WHAT did she just say????

Friday, September 11, 2015

Life is short and you just never know.

I was having lunch with my realtor/friend/lady the other day, who was giving me a thank you gift for buying a house from her. It was a beautiful knife set which I will seriously use lots! We were having our salads, talking about kids, school, etc, blah, blah, blah, when I mentioned that I hadn't heard from her much lately since she was being very busy being a realtor queen and she was probably exhausted from everything. She took another bite of her salad and said, " Well, and also my husband died." (*crickets....blink...blink...
..blink....)- Me: " What. Did. You. Just. Say????? Um, say that again.....???"
Turns out, her husband of 25 years , found out 3 days before he died, that he had pancreatic cancer. 50 years old. The only warning sign was his skin was growing more yellow so it weirded him out enough to go to the doctor. He died while she was driving the car on the way to the hospital.

I seriously think she was still in shock. It only happened 2 months ago. She was very matter of fact and nonchalant with her statement, like, maybe if she just brushed quickly over the words then maybe it wasn't true?

So, to wrap this up and keep it short and sweet, YOU NEVER KNOW so treasure the ones you love. As much as my hubby can be a pain in the butt, (so can I, for sure!) - I treasure him and will let him know how much I love him now more than ever. That is all.
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