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Happy Birthday! Onederland! Twenty pounds lost and other good news!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hello Sparkpeople! How are YOU today?
Is it sunny where you are? Did you catch your favorite song on the radio? Have you genuinely smile today?

Well if not, tell me, I'll send some good vibes your way, because today is a GREAT day!!!

First: It's my birthday!!! Yeah! I love birthdays, especially mine! I'm now 29, and a little scared because time fly so fast! But mainly happy. Even if I lost my job, I'm such at a great place right now in my life. You'll get tired at some point of me talking about him, but my boyfriend is seriously THA BOMB! I'm one who don't believe in soulmates, but he kinda makes me wish it was a true thing. Being happy and healthy help tremendiously to deal with other stuff. At the moment, I know my gift is somewhere in the appartment, but I'm strong, and I will resist this temptation of looking for it!

Second: Yesterday at my weigh-in, I felt like the number on the scale wasn't right. I had lost merely 1.5 pounds (I know it's enough, but on Whole30 I've lost at least double that each week). So I step on the scale again, and that number was way better! 197, so 20 pounds down so far this Whole30 cycle, and I still have 6 days to go!!! This is the kickstart I was looking for.

Third: I don't have a college degree, only highschool diploma, but I might be able to get a secretay diploma based on my experience, making my job hunt that much easier!!! I'll go to a meeting next week to see what can be done, but I'm really optimistic!

Fourth: The heat wave is GONE!!! No more humidity, swimming in my own sweat, no wanting to do anything anymore! Welcome REAL september weather! I love you so much! As mush as I love summer and chilling in the pool, etc, to me, the perfect temperature is 23 C.

Fifth: It's my birthday! I know, I know! I said it before, but I'm so excited! I'm getting many wishes by phone or Facebook and it's making me feel sooo good!

That's it for today! If you are feeling down, put on some good music, buy yourself some flowers, think about fluffy unicorns, anything, but I'm sure that for one moment, you can feel good again.

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