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REBOOT and PREVENT after Relapse

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

I'm on week 4 (or 5? I'm losing count) of not tracking food. I have been instead, listening to my body, choosing healthy foods, eating when I'm hungry and stoppong when I'm full. Which has been working out great, or had?

But I have slipped. Oh how I slipped. The last week was so very bad.
Here's an example of some of the foods I ate just over the weekend:
**12 doughnut holes
**Chocolate Covered Banana Custard Filled Doughnut
**4 pieces of Sausage Pizza (in one sitting)
**Nestle Girl Scout Flavored Candy Bar
**Cheese stuffed Spinach Manicotti
**Chocolate Caramel Pecan candies
**About 40 Diet Cokes (although zero calories, not exactly healthy)

I did manage to eat some healthy items. I had a great salad on Monday. I snacked on fruits and peppers also all weekend.

And here are the factors that led to my relapse:
** "Mother Nature" woke me up early one morning with what felt like a drop kick to the gut.

** I've been running... alot. Which tends to fuel my metabolism. Like SETS MY METABOLISM ON FIRE, WHICH MAKES ME WANT TO EAT EVERYTHING

** My Running Buddy has bailed on me, for over 2 weeks. On Saturday I didn't find out she wasn't coming to the park until I got there. After I had brought her a Gatorade and packed snacks just for her. So I was kinda heartbroken. And even though it's a "running group", I'm not on the same level as everyone else. I was so far behind, it was a solo run.

**I sent same Running Buddy a text asking if we were still on for Monday (Labor Day Hike, Bike and Paddle in Louisville, a festival for healthy living, that I took a vacation day at work to attend). She responded 20 minutes after the event began that she couldn't make it.

** Paul wanted Pizza for dinner. I don't want to control what Paul eats, but he ordered a pizza for me. Yeah, a whole pizza (he doesn't understand this whole healthy eating thing sometimes). I decided to have 1 slice, but ate 4.

And yes, some of the things that triggered this relapse are sad and understandable. But my goal now is to REBOOT and PREVENT this week.

** Only fresh veggies and fruit for snacks
** ONLY WATER, no diet soda
** Drinking 8 bottles a day or more
** I know what a healthy dinner looks like, so that's what I'm having

** Have cut up fruits and veggies in the fridge at all times.
** Don't let Paul push food at me
** Talk to Paul about offering food all the time
** Load up on Podcasts on the Ipod to listen to at the gym when gym buddy bails
** Take to heart this John Mayer Quote: "Don't be afraid to be alone. And don't be afraid to like it."
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo LOVINSHERRY78
    sucks about your running buddy. my sis started working out with me and was a no show too..ugh! gotta put myself in the mindset that i'm doing this all by myself...no let downs allowed!
    yeah, men..lol. mind gets it but doesn't seem to care, lol. he come home one night at 2:30 am with fast food eating and watching tv in bed..i was like "seriously dude?!?!" my stomach was soooo mad for not feeding it, lol.
    u r still doing great considering the bad food choices and running will def make u SOOOOO HUNGRY..lol. a reboot is a great thing..i do smoothies for mine and i swear they are life savers.
    keep up the great work!!
    1549 days ago
    I think you are doing great! I've lost 15 lbs in 8 months. I could of lost more...other people definitely lost more but I'm glad that I managed to lose instead of gain another 15lbs. Slow and steady wins the race and has a better chance at successful maintenance!
    I admire you not logging and trying to eat right by doing what you KNOW. Keep up the good work! You inspire me to keep trying emoticon
    1551 days ago
    I'm sorry to hear about your running buddy! It's a super bummer when people flake out. As Stephanie Tanner would say "How RUDE!!" But! Don't let her fickleness detour your route to success. As far as feeling like the slowest one in the group...Well honey, at least you're there! I always tell myself this as I walk into my local 24 hour fitness. Half the people there don't even want to make eye contact and pretend I don't exist...And the other half are giving me dirty up and down glances. lol. *shakes head* It's always a trip when there's 30 treadmills, 3 are taken and some random little fit girl always has to stand right next to my self-conscious jigglin' bum. Maybe I'm just cynical, but I don't let it drag me down. I bring my game and push myself harder! emoticon

    I think it was national Doughnut and Pizza weekend, cause we both totally got that memo. lol!! emoticon emoticon
    1553 days ago
  • THEBEE59
    I'm sorry about your running buddy. Can you talk to her about what's going on, face to face or on the phone? Maybe she's struggling or has something else going on. I know when I've been part of a running group, I've always been proud of the runners that came in behind everyone else or that weren't leading the pack. Being there, getting off the couch to run in the first place is a big achievement and the fact you keep going, whether you're at the front or bringing up the end of the line...it's your race, your pace lady!!

    Adding more protein into your nutrition, will help feed your metabolism. Protein works hand in hand with carbs so don't cut yourself out of those either. Whole grain breads and pastas are OK as long as they aren't white and in moderation. Yes, some of them are like cardboard flavored but you just keep trying different brands until you find one you like.

    Good luck with Paul and "the talk". I hope he understands the struggle is real and gets on board.

    Great blog, you got this! emoticon
    1554 days ago
    Tracking really helps me a lot it is part of my morning routine. If I didn't track it it doesn't go in my mouth! I struggle sometimes with my husbands food choices but I have really stood my ground and he has lighten up considerable so that has help. For the most part he eats what I do but on occasion he will eat things I'm not eating and that can be tempting.

    Sounds like you have a good plan in place.

    1554 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/9/2015 4:43:18 AM
  • CHERYLA2012
    You got this. You know what to do. Now you've just got to do it... even and especially when you don't feel like it.

    I envy you being able to practice Intuitive Eating. I'm an Emotional Eater and I am unsure if I'll ever be at that place (and I'm okay with that). I do get to experience it (IE) by watching my husband, and ask him all sorts of questions about the cues he responds to (like how do you know when you've had enough) - it's a fascinating process to me!

    1554 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/8/2015 8:32:03 PM
    I think I might go back to tracking for a couple of weeks.

    The good news is that what happened yesterday is over, and you can move on. You recognize it, and you are doing things to move forward. Being alone is being with your best friend, YOU. That's a good thing!

    Good luck!!

    Spark on.
    1554 days ago
    Sorry to hear your buddy bailed on you. I had that happen a lot before. I now just do it all on my own. And I know how it is with significant others, my husband doesn't quite understand health eating. I don't want to make him eat what I'm eating but it can be a little harder when the other pushes their food on you. Right now my husband has a 2nd job so I do get to eat on my own a few times a week and I make much healthier decisions then.
    1554 days ago
    Oh man, thoughtless people make me crazy...and food pushers need to go away. After 35 years one would "think" I had my guy trained...glimmers of hope and then WHAM, not so much. Acquiring a healthy lifestyle is not easy, nor is the path straight and without detours or roadblocks. Love how you are thinking, your reboot is just what you need. Get it girl, I know you will! deb
    1554 days ago
    Good job to stay off diet soda! (: That was one of the hardest things for me to give up was soda. But after a month of being off the soda I feel so much better so it has been worth it!
    1554 days ago
    It happens lady. You've got a plan of attach for the coming days so you're doing good. Let this be a lesson not a tragedy
    1554 days ago
    We've all had bad weeks, but it sounds like you are getting right back on track. Way to go you stopping it before it gets to bad. You can do this. I have an app called zombie run. So when my running buddy ditches me I listen to that and it's sort of like a game. Maybe something like that would help you too.
    1554 days ago
    i can relate! Tracking food helps understand consequences before we eat something. Amazing job of Reboot and Prevent. Especially John Mayer quote.
    1554 days ago
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