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Reset Day 92: Enough already

Monday, August 31, 2015

The weekend is over, my birthday has passed, and I am so ready to move into September! I am exhausted, a bit disappointed in my efforts in August and stressed. However, I just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Soon this point will be in my past, just another blip in the road map of my life.

Saturday I had dinner with some dear friends for my birthday. I brought my friend who I have blogged about in the past, the one who is morbidly obese, with mobility issues and congestive heart failure.

Every time I am with her, it causes me to look at my own health and the importance of becoming a healthier weight. I literally see the toll being morbidly obese for years has taken on my friend. It breaks my heart. The once vibrant, laughing, strong woman has become pain riddled and immobile. She is no longer able to walk with her walker and is now in a wheelchair 90% of the time. She is working hard to become healthier. She has lost 70 lbs. She has quit smoking. I don't know that she will regain any of her lost health back, but hopefully she will slow down the process of deterioration. She is one feisty lady!

It was a struggle to get her out of her house in her wheelchair. Her home still needs to have some modifications done to make that easier. I thought I was pretty savvy pushing a wheelchair, but the first tight turn to get out the door was an extreme challenge! Pushing her 280 lbs, trying to get the chair over the lip of the door frame and make the tight turn seemed impossible. The front wheel was turned and I couldn't get it to straighten in the amount of space, so when I was trying to push the chair over the threshold, the wheel was sideways and bending from my pushing it! Finally after several attempts we got the chair out the door! There was a similar challenge making the turn out of her patio to the walk way. The chair kept getting hung up on the ramp. However, between the two of us we found a way! I was not going to let a little threshold or step deter us from dinner with friends!

I couldn't help but think what it would be like to not be able to go out my door by myself when I wanted to. I couldn't help but think of the number of people who would have given up on trying to get her out the door. A small, simple thing I take for granted was simple and challenging to us both!

inner was also challenging. Italian food, all my favorite dishes. However being with my friend and watching her struggles helped keep me on track with food selection and portions. I brought three quarters of my dinner home!

It was great to be with friends and I truly enjoyed the evening and their company! Lots of laughs and stories were shared! I am truly fortunate to have good friends and I appreciate them!

My steps for the day were light, which was disheartening. I didn't meet my 12,000 step goal for the day - even with walking 3 miles on the treadmill in the morning! As you all know, I hate it when I don't reach those little goals. It was nagging at me.

Sunday I spent the day with my family celebrating some more! We decided to skip lunch and get together afterwards for cake and ice cream. My SIL fixed my leaky bathroom faucet! Yippee! It took a couple trips to the hardware store, but finally it dripped no more..... only to find the water shutoff to the house was leaking!

That is turning into a bigger fix - a call to the city to shut off the water to the house, coordinating with the city and the plumber who is going to fix the shutoff valve. Turns out it can't be done until September 9.

My SIL rigged a pan with some tubing to drain the water into the drain so the basement wouldn't fill with water, but it didn't work. Last night the pan overflowed. The tile floor is soaking wet and the vinyl tiles are squishing water out! Because the shutoff is close to the floor lever, it is hard to put anything under it to catch the leaking water! Ugh. So this morning I emptied the pan and hopefully we will be able to rig up something better tonight! I am going to empty the pan on my lunch hour - I think It will hold out that long! It's going to be a long 10 days until it gets fixed!

I am sure my SIL is tired of my seemingly simple projects that turn into time consuming nightmares! I appreciate him more that he will EVER know!

So, yep, that is life! Positive side? Me and my house, we are the same age. My house was born in April of 1956. I was born in August of 1956. My house has a leaky valve. It can be fixed and repaired. I am grateful I don't have any leaky valves (yet)! Hopefully if I ever get one, it will also be able to be fixed and repaired!

Appreciating my health and doing that maintenance to keep get things in better shape for the years to come! Bring on September!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You're such a go-getter. I mean you go and go and go, and you're such an inspiration. I'm sorry that August wasn't what you envisioned, but from where I sit, reading your blogs, you're such an active person and you get so much out of life! I admire the woman you are today. Sure, you want to make changes and will get frustrated when they don't come fast enough, when you feel like you've veered off track, but man, your blogs are just so full of life, full of fun, self-reflection, and honest words for yourself. I notice how honest you always are with yourself, you're a great example to follow. As I'm struggling to find time to Spark, let alone do anything at all for myself, I read your blogs and think how far ahead of the game you are. I appreciate how much you have in motion for your own health. Regardless of how you think August went, you still inspired Sparkpeople out here (me)! So smile knowingly, and step into September with your head held high.
    2123 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14034154
    BRING IT ON!!!


    - Nancy Jean -
    2123 days ago
    I think it is not too late for your friend, and you need to keep encouraging her to take steps to regain her health. Her knees are probably bad from the extra weight, so she has probably been avoiding knee replacement surgery. I can tell you from experience that when my knees were bad, I resisted walking anywhere I didn't have to, so I put on way too many pounds. Now that my knees are replaced, I can exercise, walk, and do so much more. The pounds are coming off. If you can get your friend into Spark People, she can join a team with others who are in her situation. She can do arm exercises from her wheel chair. Anything to get circulation going will help her health. Movement is her best friend right now. If she needs but is resisting knee replacement, she should talk with her doctor. It is painful but well worth it. I wish her well.
    2123 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11332084
    I had a similar eye-opener with a family friend in October. He was brought to a care home near my house for treatment for diabetes-related issues. They had to cut veins out of his arms and put them in his legs to keep them from having to be amputated (he had already lost part of one foot to it). My mom asked me to check in on him and he wanted me to take him outside in the wheelchair and run errands for and with him. Dealing with that chair - even in the facility, which is set for it - was tough! Getting it (and him) in the van was a real eye-opener to what was ahead of me if I didn't get my act together! He wanted me to take him to the store so he could buy muffins and candy and soda! It was a bit disgusting, but the facility allowed it, and I was cowed by his relationship to my family. Eventually, he was asked to leave because he was caught smoking on the premises. Some people just want what they want to heck with the consequences! It's a good thing your friend is trying to get control, and that she has you to tough it out with her! Hopefully, her efforts will get her back using the walker soon!
    As for the leak, you might try one of those water heater trays. They're pretty shallow, but have an outlet that you can connect a hose to for drainage. Not sure if it would work with your situation, but just a thought. :)
    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! September will be MUCH better! Keep on Trekkin'!
    2124 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14566395
    To think that is where I was headed at 262 I felt so bad. I am so glade it was not to late for me. I just got to say Thank you Jesus. She has made some good accomplishments though so maybe she can return to a healthier then she was. Just don't let her go she needs your support it is great you are giving it to her.

    September will be good.
    2124 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
    September here we come!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2124 days ago
    Are autumn's falling leaves where we get the phrase "turn over a new leaf"? Or is that from spring when new growth begins?

    I think both are great times for re-assessing and moving forward towards our goals. The refresher after a long hot summer or a frigid and gray winter.

    Let's do it! emoticon
    2124 days ago
  • LSIG14
    emoticon emoticon Love this blog - I sure sympathize with the plumbing problems in an older house (and I HAVE had the leaking heart valves -one was repaired and one was replaced - and you definitely want to take care of yourself because it's not fun!) I hold your friend up in prayer - and you as well. Keep up the good work at getting healthier - you are doing great!!!

    2124 days ago
    Thank You and I could so relate to your problems. You are so right with one step at a time and all will start to fall into place. I also understand you dear friends plight ( my mobility is limited at times) also I like you have made up my mind that I want to get healthy. I dropped my steps down and am bringing them up slowly( small attainable goals I have set for my self) Thank You for the inspirations you have given me.
    Have emoticon a Blessed week
    2124 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13423552
    Hope you had a great birthday and lucky you have a handy SIL! Plumbing issues not fun. We've had a few in our old house - 1968. But it's not as old as me! Nice of you to get your friend out of the house, in spite of the challenges. Makes you realize how blessed we are!
    2124 days ago
  • SAM_I_AM_2K
    This summer (not just August) has been hard on me too. I am with you "Bring on September!"
    2124 days ago
    Bring on September !!!
    2124 days ago
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