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End of Summer

Sunday, August 23, 2015

It has been a long time since I last wrote anything and my weight loss is showing it. I have been on a steady up hill climb. I have gained over the summer but only about 5 or 6 pounds. Still now I need to loose that in addition to the 36 I wanted to loose this year.

It has been a different kind of summer for me. One of no constant a/c on the hot days but I have survived. I have learned to drink more water, therefore sweating more to cool my body. I have gotten more cleaning jobs and lost some or gave them up due to other factors. I currently have three constant places I work on three days a week. One place is twice a week and the other places alternate weeks. I have applied for a fourth position but haven't heard from anyone yet.

I will need to go to the senior housing on Tuesday to see where I am on the list. Missed going this past week but can't afford to not go next week. I really want to be on my own so I can cook and eat what I want. Right now I share a kitchen with my landlady and that isn't always the way to have extra food when I cook extra.

She is off work due to a disability so doesn't have a lot of income. Also she doesn't cook at all so I am sharing but when I looked in the fridge today, it looks like the left overs of the other night are going to waste. No one put them in a storage container, just put the pan in the fridge. I try to cook dinner at a reasonable hour, usually no later than 6:30, so I can eat and have the food digest at least a couple of hours before I go to bed. She doesn't eat until just before she goes to bed so she has to be the one to put the food away. Putting pan and all in the fridge is the lazy way to do it.

Yes I have done the same thing in the past but will transfer the food to a storage container the next time I have a few minutes. Guess she doesn't think like that. Depending on the time I have in the morning, I will do it and wash the pan or at least soak it for later washing.

I get to take my grand son and grand daughter to church in the morning while mama and papa are putting the final touches on grand son's birthday party. He knows what is going on as he asked his friends to come to the party. He turned 9 this week. Doesn't seem like it has been nine years since he was born. He was such a laid back baby. the only thing he fussed about was a wet or messy diaper. He really didn't like them so potty training was a breeze with him. So glad he was the first for this daughter or I might not have a grand son had his sister been born first! She has been a handful since day 1!

I'm hoping as cooler weather gets here to be able to get out and walk more. Several things have happened this summer that have thrown me off track. Not just the living situation.

I had cataract surgery on my right eye in July. Now I need to get new glasses. I do have a new prescription; just need to get it filled. Have to find a place that will accept the credit card I will use for payment. Of course, I'm not looking forward to a 500$ pair of glasses either but I can't go without them or I will ruin the benefit of the cataract surgery. My right eye has always been at about a 20/300 or near legally blind since I can remember. The surgery reversed this to almost perfect 20/20 vision. I want to keep it that way.

The other thing I have done this summer is have a sleep study done. I found out I am having 16.9 episodes of apnea per hour! Guess that is high enough to require a C-PAP or at least an A-PAP machine. I got to try out an A-PAP earlier this week and really enjoyed sleeping 5 to 5 1/2 hours out of 8. I almost made it to six hours one night. I can tell it helped me sleep as the past two nights I have been awake more than asleep all night long. I wake in the morning so tired I just want to stay in bed except that makes my back hurt after a while.

Oh my, didn't realize I have talked for nearly an hour here. Need to get off and ready for bed as I have to be up at 6 to get my grands for church by 8:30. Will take that long in the morning to get moving as this body is slower and slower as I age.

Good night all.
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