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Post-baby body

Thursday, August 20, 2015

I've got 30 pounds to lose and unfortunately, I can't blame most of those pounds on being pregnant. Over the past year and a half I have let my weight creep up from my lowest of 215. I lived comfortably at 225 for a while and I was okay with that. Actually, at the time I was frustrated with that number. I wish I could rewind the clock! By the time I found out I was pregnant, I was 245 lbs. After having Dez I sat at 256. That number is much too close to the 272 that made me begin my weight loss journey.

So now I am on a mission to get back to that 225 that I THOUGHT I hated. From there I will work on slowly making my way to 215. Because of my height and muscle tone, my doctor and I agreed that my target weight should be around 210.

So here I am, starting again for the 97,000th time in my life. I am just happy that I have a new motivation in my son to gain control back. I have been working out daily this past week and today I shall see if I have made any progress since my son's birth six weeks ago.

This pic was taken one week after having my son. I am approximately 254 lbs.

My goal is to be back here

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