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Pregnancy Blog @ 35 weeks - Hormones or should I be ticked off?

Friday, August 14, 2015

Another work-related one. Sorry for the rant yet again, lol, but hubby tells me I'm overreacting on this and I just want some input.

So I work in child care and had been hired at my company as an infant teacher. Last September, I was told my classroom was being closed down due to low enrollment and I was being reassigned to the toddler program to support them temporarily. Here we are in August and I am still there, which isn't an issue, but not what I'd consider "temporary" but I digress.

Last week, my boss called me in to her office to tell me they were re-opening the infant classroom in September which conflicted with my having my baby. She said it would make more sense for me to stay in the toddler classroom I am in now until I had the baby and that upon my return I would work in the infant classroom. Again, this made sense to me so I said that was fine.

Where I kind of got annoyed was when my boss sent out a staffing update to staff/parents saying that the infant classroom was re-opening and that I would be joining the team in November after I took a "leave of absence". I am generally a quiet person, so haven't openly shared my pregnancy with parents in the building aside from the ones in my classroom, although I'm sure by eight months pregnant people could draw their own conclusions.

I'm basically just annoyed that she referred to it as a "leave of absence" instead of a maternity leave, because I feel that leave of absence just makes me sound like a shmuck that wants to take time off for no reason (or worse that I'm going to like rehab or something along those lines where I shouldn't be working with children in the first place). I also feel that in working in child care and furthermore returning to an INFANT classroom, that having my own baby would give parents some sense of relief knowing that I know what I'm doing and can properly care for their infant. Also, other people who have been pregnant here have gone out and it HAS been referred to as a maternity leave.

My husband said she probably just wrote it that way because she knows the company is screwing me out of my maternity benefits, so she doesn't want to put "maternity" and my name together anywhere in writing because then the company might actually have to acknowledge that they did something wrong. Which is probably the case, but I'm still aggravated. I just don't want to look bad in the process.

Am I right to be mad? Should I say something to my boss? The email has already gone out to everyone so I don't know that there is even anything that can be done to rectify it - I just feel like she made me sound bad and lowered my credibility.

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    Personally, I don't think this was done w/ any mal-intent. They probably wanted to protect your privacy and maybe they had to for legal reasons. If it bothers you, perhaps ask if you could personally send an e-mail to the parents saying "I look forward to rejoining the infant class after I come back from having my baby." If they don't allow that, maybe after you have the baby, send a photo and see if they'll mention it to the parents in an e-mail announcement. It could be like a baby announcement and "just a reminder, I'll be back in November." I wouldn't worry too much about it and if someone actually were to question "why is she out?" you could give them permission to state that you just had a baby...of course if they are allowed to say that legally.
    1625 days ago
    If you read my last post, that explains the maternity benefits. I basically got denied them on a technicality and have fought it for the last six months ineffectively because all the laws are set up to protect the employer and not the employee. Trust me lawyers were called and threats were made but it was all chalked up to "I should have known better and researched it more" (as mentioned in my last blog). Now I feel as if this is just adding insult to injury and I am not happy about it.
    1625 days ago
    I would address the lack of maternity leave with your supervisor first. Her wording most likely has something to do with you not getting maternity leave. Certainly ask her (face to face) how come she worded it that way. Perhaps since you haven't said anything publicly she thought this would be best.
    1625 days ago
  • TIFFA409
    I don't think the wording is anything to get so upset about. I think your husband is right- if she publicly acknowledges it is a maternity leave, then she "Should" be giving you all of the appropriate benefits to go along with it. The getting screwed out of maternity benefits on the other hand- that is worth your temper!
    1625 days ago
    For me you are jumping to conclusions without knowing. They are your thoughts, your perceptions. Ask your boss questions. Be straightforward. "Why did you word it that way?" before you judge the situation. Ask about maternity benefits.
    1625 days ago
    Address the maternity benifits issue with the right person and make a few threats.
    1625 days ago
    Yes you should be mad, but not about the wording. I would be furious that my maternity benefits have been stripped of me. That I would make a fuss about. The wording was just the icing on the cake. So yes, you should be mad and personally I would
    1625 days ago
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