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Another Week Gone

Friday, August 07, 2015

I swear time is moving so slowly right now as I await some word from the surgeon's office...and I haven't even had my consultation yet!

So, yes, we switched insurance carriers to hopefully speed things up. If I've done my homework right (pretty sure I have), I should be pushed on through with Aetna. I have a couple final little things to clean up to get my insurance dropped (had to have proof from Aetna that we had coverage before my work will drop mine - I got cards yesterday!) and then I should be good to go.

But I'm no dummy. I've been here before.

Hubs' open enrollment is in November for insurance that starts in January. My open enrollment isn't until April for coverage to start July 1. So instead of just banking on Hubs' insurance, I'm still working on fulfilling the requirements for my insurance as a fall back. I hope I don't need it, but I do NOT want to lose another 7 months of work and my precious time. If things don't go as planned with Hubs' insurance carrier, we reenroll in my carrier in April and July 1 I try all this again. (Dear God, I really hope it doesn't come to that!)

So that means I have to be ON POINT with my diet and exercise to make sure I lose the weight needed for MY insurance even though I'm not even planning on using them right now. I know how to play this game now...they will not get in my way again!

So I tweaked my diet. No more carbs. Post-op it will be a LOOOOONG time before I can even have a BITE of carbs, so I might as well start getting used to that now. I'm eating much like I will post-op...just in higher quantity, of course. That has resulted in three solid weeks of weight loss (FINALLY!). So, yeah, no carbs is best for my body. (I KNEW Paleo was the right path for me!) First week was 5 pounds, then 4.2, then 3. And last week I traveled to Ohio, ate at Cheesecake Factory (you guys, have you seen their new Skinnylicious menu?! I ADORE CF for that!) and even went to the fair and ate a corn dog! Last night was a bit of a hiccup in my world, but I swear my body needed it or something. I went out with the boys and didn't think about food for a hot minute and ate a huge cheeseburger and fries and had a great time and then crashed...HARD...and HURT ...a LOT! Lesson learned! :/

Here's some new things I've tried/learned the past few weeks:

- My planner makes me log and be honest! Crazy, right?! I record everything in MFP, but I then record at the end of the day in my planner so it's all in one place. It's been a great help for staying on track!

- bariatriceating.com has some AMAZING recipes! I have their crustless quiche bites (2 of them!) every morning on my way to work! YUM!

- Two words: Sugarfree Jello (Is Sugarfree one word or two...or hyphenated...?? *lol*)

- Eat your protein first! This is one of those things I've been doing because I'll be doing it post-op. It actually helps me think about food when I'm eating it.

- Don't drink when you eat! Okay, so this one is something everyone can benefit from but is super important post-op as well. See, when they shrink your stomach there are certain "rules" you should follow to help the smaller tummy work right. One rule - drink a glass of really cold water 15-30 minutes BEFORE eating and then drink NOTHING until 30-60 minutes AFTER eating! Why? Because when you drink while eating, you force the food through your sleeve or pouch and, thus, make room for more food, allowing you to overeat. Now, tell me...doesn't that sound like something ALL OF US should be listening to? Let that food sit HEAVY in your belly. Trust me, it makes a difference! (And it's super hard to do! *lol*)

- Protein Powder in your coffee!! Okay, this is BY FAR my favorite new thing in the world. In the past week, I've added flavored protein powder, along with UNSWEETENED vanilla almond milk to my coffee and it is DELICIOUS! You see, I was one of those girls who likes her coffee with lots of yummy flavored creamer. And I HATE the taste of artificial sweeteners (like Splenda) in my coffee. In other things - FINE! In my coffee? BLECH! So someone on the Bariatric Eating group suggested putting their morning protein powder in their coffee. Now, they do it in order to get in more protein. But I was thinking...I like the taste of my protein p0wder...and it doesn't have all these sweeteners and crap in it...why not use it like a powdered creamer?! And the extra protein in the morning can't hurt, right!? So yesterday morning I put in a full scoop of my Body Fortress Chocolate Peanut Butter protein powder in my coffee with my almond milk. It was a little much and held some high calorie punch (but, hello! 30g of protein PLUS whatever the almond milk has IN MY MORNING COFFEE!! YAY!). This morning I found the perfect balance - 1/2 a scoop of my protein powder, a few ounces of almond milk and the most delicious coffee drink that curbs my morning hunger for HOURS! I may not need my morning snack anymore! (Who am I kidding?! HA!) Today I'm on POINT with my calories and I feel great! And it's 2pm!

- DRINK YOUR WATER! Okay, this isn't new, but I have to work on sipping instead of gulping and soon I'll have to give up my straws! Yikes! Anyhow, it's good for everyone to remember to sip their water ALL DAY. It's what's best for your body!

- WORK OUT, DANGIT! But don't overdo it! My goal is 3-4 times a week in the gym. I had a couple great weeks, but I had some hip displacement issues this week with all the travel I've done so this week I took the week off. I think I'll be ready to head back Sunday or Monday and can get my 3 days in this next week.

- Find acceptable sweets and treats! It's so easy to feel like you're missing out and I've always been one for strict restriction...but that doesn't take you very far so it's really important to find healthier alternatives. My 13 year old has been making me two dishes that are fabulous alternatives - Chicken Crust Pizza (on the bariatriceating.com website) and Yogurt/Cool Whip pies. The pies are made with the reduced calorie graham cracker pie crust, then you mix one container of fat-free (I think it is) yogurt, 1 pkg of sugar-free jello mix (same flavor as your yogurt) and a pkg of lite cool whip. One slice is just a couple hundred calories and SO yummy! A great evening snack or dessert! My whole family likes it! So far we've had cherry, lemon and lime flavored! My mom made an orange flavored one she liked too. You can do chocolate and all kinds of other flavors - whatever you can find in both the jello mix and the yogurt (can you believe how many flavors of yogurt there are out there now?!).

- Yogurt in place of ice cream - eaten with a baby spoon. This one is all my own. Ice cream is full of fat and calories, but because I realized there were a million flavors of yogurt, I started buying "dessert" yogurt, which I eat with a tiny spoon to make it last longer. Again, a sweet treat alternative!

Maybe that will help some of you...maybe not. But there you go!

My appointment is next week - the 13th. I called and got them to reschedule me for 8am so the Hubs can come...it's just too important for him to miss! I'll let you all know how it goes, but I had to come back and report that now I'm down 17 pounds from my January weight. Back on track!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am 7 weeks post op VSG. My highest weight was 435 and I'm 375 right now. I could not be happier with the decision. I've been eating lower carb for years, but the surgery has taken away my ability to binge, which is what I really needed. I'm excited for your progress toward surgery.
    2093 days ago
    Sounds like progress! Slower than you would like, but PROGRESS!

    2098 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14402600
    Insurance!!! We all hate the red tape, but we can't do without it. Good luck to you working it all out. Hope you can get the weight off so your surgery will go as planned. You are brave to go that route. Take care!
    2099 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10795864
    The protein powder in coffee is really interesting. I use carnation powdered creamer that tastes good but is likely poisonous lol. I will check out the protein powder situation!
    2099 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    Some great tips in here, thanks! I'm so glad you're getting back on track, we're all rooting for you!
    2099 days ago
    You are on fire girl! And I can sense how excited and accomplished you feel! Thanks for some great tips too! emoticon emoticon
    2099 days ago
    Good Luck! Take care and make sure you follow the docs orders. Heard it's really bad if you don't.
    2099 days ago
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