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When The Compliments Stop...

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Everyone has their words of wisdom when it comes to weight loss. One that I have always strongly believed in is that you have to lose weight for yourself, not someone else. Someone else might be able to motivate you in the short term or give you a reason to start, but long term success is going to come from within you!

When you lose a good amount of weight, your appearance can change so much and people start to notice. Some people will be jealous (especially if they struggle with weight themselves), some will be nosy and some will be genuinely happy for you. Those compliments really help to validate that we are making a change in our lives. It is always nice when others start to recognize our hard work. There are a million reasons for us to want to lose weight, but I would say just about everyone wants to look better!

Vanity isn't the only reason, but of course we want to SEE our hard work and want others to see it too! Yes we want to be healthier, blah blah blah, but looking better is something we can see on a daily basis.

But there comes a point when the compliments stop. When I got to 40 pounds lost, people started to notice. It wasn't a drastic change because I was so big, but people started to ask if I had lost some weight. As I got to 60-80 pounds lost, the compliments came pouring in. On a daily basis at work I would have at least 2 people either inquire about how much I had lost or tell me how great I was looking. At first I was pretty uncomfortable with everyone noticing... don't get me wrong, I wanted people to notice my hard work but I just wasn't good at handling the compliments. I'd usually deflect them with some joke about how much more I still had to lose. In time I figured out how to accept them gracefully and always said thank you.

But I have been 80 pounds down for 2ish years, and the compliments have definitely stopped. I have one amazing friend who also tells me I look awesome because she knows how hard I've worked and she is just sweet like that, but my weight loss is old news. This is the "new me" and most people don't even seem to remember me at my heaviest. The newer people who have been hired just think I'm fat in general (not knowing I used to be fatter) and that is okay by me. emoticon

Now if I can finally lose the last 25ish pounds, I am sure I will get a bunch of compliments, because it'll be noticeable. If I get a tummy tuck and appear smaller because of it I might receive some more compliments... but if my journey was fueled by compliments I'd be out of gas by now. emoticon

Then when I get to maintenance, the party is really over. Other than my family and my one sweet friend who love to tell me I'm skinny, people are going to get used to the "new me" and forget what I used to look like. Most people don't randomly compliment you on keeping your weight off. "Oh, great job not getting fat again!" emoticon We all might have that person that is always complimenting us, but for the majority you will wind up going unnoticed at some point.

So when the compliments stop, don't fret. Hold your head up high, because people are letting go of the "old you" and getting so familiar with the "new you" that they don't even realize that you are keeping all your weight off or that you "used to be bigger". So give it time, hang in there, and do this for you! Be sure to compliment yourself everyday, you deserve it! emoticon emoticon
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