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Blood is thicker than Cloth.

Monday, July 13, 2015

I'm a peaceful man residing in the South.
I have opinions, and they're often expressed from my mouth.
But sometimes as they are developing, I have to reach deep within-
And form them on paper, with pencil, or pen.

I wish to weigh in on the event of July 10, 2015-
If you live in South Carolina, then you know what I mean.
From our state's Capital's property, the Confederate Flag-
Was finally legally removed like a delicate stag.

There are many people who idolize that flag.
They say it represents THEIR heritage, and it's a symbol of pride.
I find it to difficult to accept it because it seems like a gag-
To respect a 'symbol' once married to Black injustice and homicide.

I see a different view of this flag which some find grand.
It doesn't represent EVERY Southern woman or man.
It doesn't say WELCOME to our home, land, or place.
It DOES judge you by the color of your face.

Look, I am a Navy veteran, who fought for OUR land-
For EVERY American child, woman, and man.
The United States Flag represents every one of us
So ITS presence on SC Capital Grounds needs not to be discussed.

The SC State Flag is for all who (from past to) further hence-
Choose to make South Carolina their permanent residence.
Like the U.S. Flag, it belongs firmly perched-
On the top of the State Capital, like a steeple on a church.

Now the Confederate Flag DOES represent history-
There is goodness in it, but it's marked with tragedy.
The fact of the matter is, its SYMBOL today-
Just doesn't include ALL South Carolinians, and that isn't the Southern Pride way.

Just because something represents SOME, it shouldn't be parked
Atop of the State Capital, lest the Capital's meaning is negatively marked.
Which would cause SOME state citizens to feel welcomed, while others feel dismissed-
We're a State which should embrace each other, ALL of us matter, like fingers on a fist.

I am so glad, SO Glad, THAT flag is down.
Its presence for many left such a frown.
Its presence on Capital grounds, in this millennium-
did NOT represent every South Carolinian.

I am a South Carolinian, and I'm proud to be me.
I cherish our State, and our country.
Home is where the heart is, and SC is our light, as I'm a moth.
We are ALL connected somehow by blood, and blood is thicker than cloth.

Reginald Slade
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