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NSV - Gym When You Don't Want To!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Yesterday was one of those overly tired sore days. One of those days when you think, "Why am I awake?"

My plan and my planner said I was supposed to go to the gym and I told myself about 12 times, "I REALLY don't want to." I was hurting and sore and my body was telling me to rest.

I didn't listen.

I went to the gym. Thanks to Shane for pushing me to do that. (He just sent me a message halfway through the day saying, "I'm excited about the gym later!" so I would have felt guilty to say I didn't want to go because I would be keeping him from it as well.)

I set the elliptical for 20 minutes on the weight loss track on level 1 again. In 2 minutes I knew I was in trouble. Five minutes in I started wanting to cry. Ten minutes in I wanted it to be over and I felt so much discomfort in my ankle. I stopped at 15 minutes. I am not ashamed of that. I knew my ankle was saying to chill, so I did.

I wanted to leave after that.

I didn't.

My abs were still hurting from Saturday. My ankle was not to be messed with at all so leg workouts were out. So we decided to run through the arm machines on the floor before we left.

I don't regret it even though I'm sore today.

In fact, I'm super tired today and super sore, but my ankle feels better. And my legs feel better than before I went yesterday. And my heart feels better because I did it when I didn't want to.

Yesterday was difficult, but it was a good day. I hit my calorie goals, my fitness goals and my water goals. I went to bed early (even though I'm still super tired). I didn't get a couple things done on my to-do list for my business, but I'm okay with that. I ate some extra pizza, but I still fit in my calorie ranges. I stayed away from soda and sweet tea and only drank my coffee and water.


FYI - SO glad today is a rest day! *lol*
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