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stepped 1,000 % out of my comfort zone+ kids on tv

Saturday, June 20, 2015

today i decided not to let my size,age,headscarf,what other people might think of me or my low self esteem stand in my way and took part in an open demonstration for my zumba class.not only was it raining and my zumba teacher had no stability ball for me(as originally i backed out)i did the whole 45 minute demonstration on my own two feet and i kept up most of the time except in the turns.i couldn´t turn as quick as the others because of the knee protese.(you can´t turn the knee as such)this photo below just happens to be straight after the turn and you can see i am just a little bit behind.the point is i did it though infront of alot of people i know and alot of strangers both male and female.not certain which was worse though.the doing it infront of people who know me and my kids or doing it in front of strangers.while i was doing it all that kept running through my head is what will the others think,i must look aweful.i know we shouldn´t have negative thoughts it is not all that easy though.the point is i had those negative thoughts but still carried on and went through with it.that is why it was like 1,000%out of my comfort zone.so here is the long waited photo

also yesturday my kids put in a very small appearance in avery popular reportage programm over here.in the last holidays we had gone to the local wild park with the kids and Galileo were filming.they actually interviewed all the kids but much to ayyubs annoyance they only showed zakariya´s interview.though you can see the kids several times in the background as well as lotfi.they are all in it only a few seconds at a time so i will post the seconds time to particularly look out for.

34seconds-kids in background
36 seconds-lotfi and kids in background
46seconds zakariya interview(last several seconds)
118-119 kids in background.

can you tell.proud mommy brag,lol


also this morning i bought and paid for my ticket for the color run next sunday on the 28th.it is a 5k.i am abit nervous about it as i will be doing it alone(couldn´t persaude anyone to do it with me)plus it is a good 30 years since i did a race.also i often walk the 5k since i had the knee replacement but always with my nordic walking sticks but for some reason they are not allowed in this race so i actually have just a week to practice doing the 5k with out my sticks.wish me luck.here is a link ti the race


the color run is being done all over germany.i hope that there will be photos took by the organisation as i have no one going to support me to take photos and i think it would be nice to have a few photos,lol.also to all my lovely spark friends who have done a colorrun what do i have to do to keep the color on my t.shirt after the race.they are using a rice base colour that is totally washable.I want to keep the color though as a momento.so all tips welcome.

anyway must go and check the kids.take care and keep smiling
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