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Friday, June 19, 2015

I haven't blogged for almost a month so I figured I would. I kind of fell off the wagon with my weight loss as it happens to so many of us! I see in my last blog I was 188.2. I got lazy and readjusted my calories and found myself at 196!! Hex no!!

I had my yearly check up at the doctor. Get my blood work done tomorrow. Then I'll see where I'm at. So far haven't had any issues. Other than the occasional asthma, I'm healthy. Oh, and of course the fact that I'm obese. I guess you'll have that LOL.

So my doc crushed my dreams of being an avid runner. She said I need to just walk, unless I am already a runner, which I am clearly not, I need to just walk because running is too hard on the joints. Ok so I'll walk. I gave her all these excuses why I can't get 10k steps in a day and she called me out on it. Ok so I have been averaging now 6000 steps instead of the 3-4000 I had been getting. She also yanked my calories down to the minimum. Ok fine. I'm down 3 lbs this week. But here's the thing. I feel hungry almost all the time! It has, however, made me look very closely at WHAT I'm eating and I'm seeing that certain foods don't stay with me long enough.

Trial and error. I'm going to get there!! This is the longest I've ever stuck at anything!
CW 191.0
PW 194.2
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