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Thursday, June 18, 2015

We haven't had a cat in 29 years.
I let my oldest daughter have a cat when she was11. Her name was Rainbow. After "Rainbow Bright" if anyone remembers that cartoon! LOL!
She was a beautiful Calico. She was a stray who found us one day. Full of fleas and ear mites. She always thought she was a dog. We loved her for 9 years. She was about 10. And then she was ill. I put her to sleep. And I've missed her ever since.
But being sick, needing a lot of medical attention was too much.

Fast forward 25 some years and my next (my last) group of girls decide they want a cat. Now 29 years later these girls are 12-13 and 14.
We've found plenty of strays on occasion. But since we go up north in the summer, a cat was out of the question. Traveling with 3 dogs is enough! And dogs can sleep out doors in sheltered buildings. But if we lost our cat I'd blame myself. Rainbow used to stay home and a sitter came in. It got hard to find reliable sitters. So no new cat.

Eventually I considered a Rex cat. A breed that was slightly "less" high needs in the cat world. But that was as far as I went. I wanted a cat that was more dog like- LOL!

Then a few nights ago while searching for "hairless" cats I found the Sphynx cat. And a very reputable breeder 2 hours away.
The Sphynx is much like a dog!
I picked a boy- but he was no longer available.
But a girl was!
And so here is Violet. She's so ugly she's absolutely ADORABLE!!

She will only be about 6 pounds. She'll still have dander, even without fur. She'll need weekly bathing. And this will be our first time leaving all claws on- so I'm learning cat nail clipping.

Grumpy looked at her photo and said "Where is this dog?"
Lord help me I'm married to my Grandfather!!

She can't come home until mid August at 12-14 weeks old. They stay with their mommy longer to make sure they are completely healthy and ready. She'll be micro chipped and spayed.

And yes we'll have room in our camping trailer for her, and room in the van for her little crate as we spend summer weekends in northern MN. She's the perfect size and temperament for a dog family! The girls can't wait to dress her in Sphynx cat clothes! LOL!
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