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Remodel -- Update Blog January 15, 2015 & June 15, 2015

Monday, June 15, 2015

Happy New Year Friends & New Team mates it’s been a long while since my last blog.

Friends have asked how are things going with the remodeling. All I can say is I’m doing my best taking it one step at a time, one day at a time, one project at a time. I’m using all the coping skills I have to deal with delays, excuses, moving furniture around again & again, having so many decisions to make, as well as dealing with the cold ice & snow, I’ve gone to resale shops to buy warm clothes that I never needed in AZ.

How are my furry boys doing? The boys happily have grown in winter fur, with it being so cold here their bodies have provided for them. In Arizona they never seemed to grow “winter fur coats” I don’t know how their bodies do what they do to take care of them, glad they do though.

Out of the three of them Baxter looks the most different, he’s always been a thin slick haired beautiful Chocolate Point Snowshoe Siamese. Now he has a furry fuzzy look to himself, yet still so beautiful & loveable. Prince has taken to sleeping more here, he chooses different blankets each day I even got him a little bed from Pets Mart for Christmas thinking he could go in there at night and be cozy since he doesn’t seem to want to sleep on our bed anymore. I’ve even set his bed near the heat vent since the heat goes on a lot all night & all day long here. Kasey has taken to sleeping in my chair on the blanket I wrap around my legs & feet when I sit down, then in the early morning he’ll just jump on the bed come up near my head & pillows and curl up in my arm under the cover, so I wake up cuddling him. When he was a baby he slept like that, so it’s familiar to both of us.

When we first got here the first week of November, we ordered 15 new windows to replace the old outdated, non-efficient windows from the 70’s when this mobile was built. From the windows we moved onto replacing flooring in hallways, kitchen, bedroom, den, both bathrooms, getting new thermal drapes to help keep it warm inside this house. I’m just not used to the cold!

WOW!!! This blog has been sitting waiting for me to finish it, so here goes just 6 months later. So much has changed we’ve set new records for rain, just last month we had 14 ½ inches of rain in a 10 day period, some of my 1st planted tomatoes have died due to water rain rot. Yet when I enclose the gardening photos I walked around and took just a half hour ago you’ll see the 2nd round of tomatoes planted, I have a square of herbs, a square with 2 tomato plants & one of my lavender plants, I have 3 total because I love the smell of lavender plus it’s a great bug repellent especially on the front porch.

I tried to take update photos of the boys however it’s their nap time right now and they don’t want to pose or be bothered, please just know they are all fine they’ve adjusted to the weather here, they are getting brushed several times a week right now to take off some of their winter fur they grew; now that they don’t need it since it’s finally warmed up here in Colorado Springs.
I’ve talked to people about gardening in the grocery stores & in the waiting area for pizza most of them told me don’t plant anything until after Mother’s Day, then it got moved to don’t plant until the Monday after Memorial Day, yet because this year has been so wet things have had a hard time. So I am doing a lot of container planting especially for the tomatoes I have them on the carport side on the pavement for the extra warmth the sun will warm up the pavement & then the container pots. I’ve started my fairy garden from branches from the pine trees for right now the gnomes & fairies will live together in my Fairy Gnome Land.
I have square planted with herbs parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme; I’m still waiting on the seeds I planted right in the dirt the garlic & regular chives & lemon balm. I’ve got yellow squash and compact white scalloped squash they are finally coming up in another square.

My friends you know how important gardening is to me, let me tell you for sure Gardening here is way, way different, it’s also different because I am still having problems from my fall back in January, it was slick & icy in the parking lot and I fell on both my knees. I came home and cleaned them up and took care of them the best I could, finally the skin has grown over what will be scars one day. Kneeling to garden is sure trying to my patience & pain level with the weather every day is different here.

I’ve had bouts of homesickness and do my best to just carry on and get through it, I’ve not made any friends yet, although I did try I went to the clubhouse to play Bingo & then Bunco but the people were so intense & some were downright mean, or maybe they just take their games “seriously”. After I drove around & got lost several times I finally found the Unity Church here and I like it, yet it’s another adjustment, nothing is like back home, I still keep in touch with my prayer partners back home they are my rock I may not know where everything is still but I have my spiritual life in order. Now that it’s finally gotten warm here I have to find where I put all my favorite summer clothes.

I have not put on any weight since moving here. I am so proud of that, all my winter clothes & summer clothes fit, I still have to find shoes & boots for this winter. I got here so late in the season that when I went looking for boots to wear in the snow anything that was in my size were long gone.

I had a hard time at first once all the move stuff was over I was tired & sore all over I needed help I needed a haircut, my toes & hands done finding a salon was a bit hard but I did it too.

When I finally found a nail salon to get my mani pedi’s done a woman talked to me and told me she has the same problem she has trouble finding shoes in her size so she suggested I go online to Zapos that’s where she gets her boots & shoes. I’ve not gone online just yet I’m afraid I won’t get the right size and have to send them back which seems like a real hassle, Has anyone gotten shoes from that site? I usually go into a shoe store looking for shoes in the right size & color and come out with something or nothing at all.

So life is still getting better each day, I can drive around now and not get lost, I still get scared at the way people drive here with so many drivers on the roads trying to get places at certain times.

I’m still looking for places to hike here; I miss my daily & weekly hikes from back home. Here I’ve been told when hiking you have to be on the lookout for bears, mountain lions, deer & antelope. So for right now instead I found Prospect Park I like to walk around the lake sit on the swings & watch the geese & ducks & people who fish there at the lake it’s a mile ½ around once so I go around several times then go up & down the hills they have there, it’s ok for now.
So my dear friends Thank You all so much for your goodies you’ve sent me, the comments you leave on my sparkpage. Spark people has still been here for me each day I log on and track my food, exercise. I’ve remained consistent that was the goal I set when I first got here. To be consistent for 6 months, on the 23rd of this month that goal will be met.
As always, thank you for reading my blogs I appreciate it so much. I hope I can continue to move forward in this new life it sure has been a challenge at times and at times I wanted to give up and move back to AZ yet that is not an option so I shall move forward the best way I can, one step one day at a time.
Take care & be well
Many Blessings Always Debby
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm glad to see your still here and doing well. Great job on holding steady; moving is soo stressful! Keep it up!
    1895 days ago
    Hi Debbie ...........First ........ what a pretty page you have! .......... and happy to see you w/ your cats ............ My sentiments overlap the post before mine .......... I do hope things come together soon for you ............... emoticon and thanks much for commenting on my blog! ......... emoticon
    1947 days ago
    Moving is such an adjustment. I cried every day for the first week or two when I came here. Then it took months, and even years to adjust. I'm thankful that you love to garden. It is therapy for the whole person. I hope your knees heal quickly, so that you can enjoy it fully.
    1954 days ago
    I'm glad things are going well! Enjoy your new home!
    1955 days ago
    Oh yippee...I've been waiting and hoping for your blog update and here it is! I'm so happy to hear all about your projects and your boys! I'm so thankful they all got to come with you...I know they have made the transistion easier for you by having them along on the adventure!

    You are a brave and strong woman to face such change! I'm not sure I could leave all of our sunshine here in FL and move to a place that was cold and snowy. Even worse than the cold would be the lack of sunshine. I'm definitely a sunshiny gal...so it would hurt my soul not to have it.

    I can't believe how well you have adapted to your new surroundings! I hope the remodeling projects went well and you are happy with the new results.

    Will your hubby go to some of the functions with you until you find a few friends? I hope so...after all he is the reason you moved there in the first place so I think it would be very nice of him to help you find your way.

    I know you will make friends as time goes on...you are such a kind heart and beautiful soul people just can't help but be drawn to your sweet nature!

    I love Unity Church...I went to one here in FL for a few years. I was brought up Southern Baptist...but talk about INTENSE people...they really scared me as a young child. My mother was a big church goer and of course expected the same out of me. My adopted grandparents were the pastor and wife of the church so I ended up going sometimes 5 times a week.

    Too much of too much if you ask me! I loved the faith that the church gave me...but hated the constraints and guilt it mete out on it's congregation. We didn't even get a t.v. until I was 13 years old and my mom would NEVER let me go to the movies as a kid...she said the monies went to the corruption of Hollywood...not even Disney movies...no wonder I love movies so much now and go so often...I'm making up for a deprived childhood...ha...ha!

    Now I rarely go to church...I really don't feel like you have to go to a place to be faithful. Sometimes I will watch one of the ministries on t.v. if I feel I need to get a message.

    Have you found anywhere to volunteer...you might meet some nice people there...usually people who give service to others are the ones I enjoy being with. Unless as some of my friends..they do it just to brag about doing it to the group. That takes some of the sparkle out of it for me.

    I hope you blog more often...I think it's good for your soul...you know how many of us love and care for you and we all worry about your transition and are cheering you on!

    I'd love to see some pics too...after all you live in God's true paradise now my friend!

    Be the strong resilient awesome woman you are and keep on keeping on!

    We love you...you KNOW we do! emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Give the boys a BIG hug from me!
    1955 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/15/2015 8:34:07 PM
  • GORDON66
    That's quite a move from AZ to CO, and I'm glad you and your kitties are coping. It must have taken great courage. Many, many moons ago my girlfriend and I took a fly/drive vacation to Denver and drove our rental vehicle, a Gremlin, to Colorado Springs. We took a tour up Pike's Peak and visited the Air Force Academy. I have very fond memories of the trip and the natural beauty of the area.

    The only shoes I dare order online are my New Balance running shoes, and that's because I was originally fitted at a shoe store. I'm with you. Prior to purchasing I prefer to make sure clothes and shoes fit.

    As best as possible, enjoy the process of creating your home. In the end, it will be very satisfying.



    1955 days ago
    It may take a while, but you'll find your groove. Just be patient with yourself. Your boys look mighty happy there. Sorry to hear about your ruined plants. My dad plants a big garden every year -- he's been a "dirt digger" from way back. His mom had 10 green fingers, too -- not just green thumbs.

    Keep smiling!!!! emoticon

    1955 days ago
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