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Good News, Sort Of, Little Confused, But Happy!!!

Monday, June 01, 2015

Hello SparkPeople friends!!! emoticon
I see I'm very behind with my "what is gone on during the months", so I'll post what happened in April & May soon, but this post is about what happened to me this weekend...

I had a coupon to a store, a good one too... $10 off when you spend $25... so who can say NO to that! Well I didn't!!! Papabear wanted to go to his favorite Outlet stores, so I went to the one I like. They were having a sale on dresses and skirts, so I grabbed anything that looked nice to me and headed into the changing rooms.

No, don't like that one, that shirt not so nice on me, what was I thinking?!! hee hee Now time to try on the dresses and skirts... This is nice, but a little to big?!!? Is that possible?!!? I just started my (not really) "FRIEND" and am retaining water like crazy right now. So how could going down a size be right?!!? But I really like this style, so okay, lets do it!

Out of what I tried on, I went down a size on the two dresses and 1 skirt I liked. Round two of trying on in the changing room... Fits nice!!! I LOVE IT!!! This is a keeper! next dress... like this too! Keeper! The skirt still seemed weird, for the heck of it, I tried on the NEXT size down. Round 3 in the changing room... it fit so much better... woohoo! Could this be real?!!

I just got two dresses down a size and a skirt down TWO sizes!!! I'm also very bloated and being that time of the month... I just can't believe it!

Okay, so got home, showed them off to Papabear and as I did, I had a thought... on one of the dresses, the strap I'm gonna have to stitch, because it was too big... but what if I went to that next size down, would that of worked?!!? Yes, but they didn't have that size, so never mind.

I woke up the next morning still wondering?!!? What if?!! SO, we have that same store in town. I went to check out this store. Long story short and after 5 times in the changing room, hee hee... I found the next size down (exchanged the other one) and got three more dresses!

This is what I ended with...
* 2 large dresses, same style, but different print. Love the style and I felt like a new lady!
* 2 Medium skirts... again, same style, but different print.
* 2 Medium dresses... same style, different print. These are A-line dresses!
* 1 large A-line dress, plain blue

**** I normally get Extra Larges for all my clothes!****

I was super excited and still am. I just couldn't wait to share with all my SP friends!!!
Here's the funny part though... My shorts and pants still fit the same. During my TOM, I have to move my belt up a hole sometimes to loosen it. So how could I be going down a size and sometimes 2 sizes like this?!!? The scale has been the same, so no major change there?!!? It was all very confusing, but on the other hand, I love it!!! I'm NOT complaining, just confused?!!?? hee hee.

Thanks for letting me share!!! This is always good for me, when things like this happens, helps me to keep going! I was getting depressed with the scale number, so I'm pretty happy about this all.

Hope you all have a great day!
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