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A Good Weekend

Monday, June 01, 2015

My legs and abs are sore...that's always a good thing after a productive weekend.

This was the first weekend I've had off from my photography business in a long time. (And I have graduation and a family shoot this weekend so...) I decided to go ahead and do what I needed to do to get my bedroom in order. I have been wanting to paint and redecorate the room so that I have my own private little sanctuary that doesn't remind me of the ex and gives me a little bit of peace. I also saw it as an exercise in discovering myself. I've actually been wanting to go bold and paint my room a deep muted blue for a long time, but the ex always rebutted with, "Well, what about THIS color?" We never could make a decision. (His colors were things like orange...who wants an orange bedroom?!?) So when he left and after I finally got out of bed a month later, I decided that it was time for me to forge ahead on my own. I bought paint...and then started working my tail off! *lol*

So this weekend, I decided it was the weekend to finally get this done. No clue when I'm going to get another free weekend. The next two are certainly booked! I woke up early Saturday morning, started stripping my room of everything but my bed and my vanity, pushed those to the middle and then my oldest son helped me put down drop clothes and start taping off everything. And then we stopped for tacos. *lol* I realized I hadn't taken my meds OR eaten, and I'm supposed to eat with my meds. Plus, I figured with all the work I was about to do, it shouldn't hurt my calorie intake too bad. Plus...honestly...I didn't care. I needed to get things done and I couldn't worry about everything.

So the day:
- Clean out room
- Tape off room
- Go to store to buy roller...couldn't find ours...
- Stop by Tractor Supply to see the shelter puppies and kitties and ooh and ahh
- Stop in Goodwill to help the oldest shop for some dress clothes
- Stop in dollar store to look for decorations
- Stop in Walmart for roller...and decorations...and curtains...
- Back to the house to begin painting
- First coat
- While drying, spray paint vanity hardware and bookshelf
- Back to Walmart to buy more spray paint ...and more decorations
- Back to the house to second coat spray paint bookshelf
- Back to paint second coat
- FINALLY done! A few slices of pizza for dinner (I was not about to cook!)
- Bring in bookshelf
- Partition off room from the animals
- Crash in Ethan's bed (he took the futon in the basement)

And then get woken up several times by a bored hamster who doesn't have any toys in his cage so has begun to facilitate his escape plan, which includes chewing on any plastic pieces on his mostly metal cage. I took him out and petted him and played with him a few minutes and then he finally calmed down and I finally got a few hours of sleep.

Next day...

- Wake up
- Hang curtain
- Make bed
- Start to put entire room back together (thankfully, the oldest put the last coat of spray paint on the bookshelf for me...while it was drying I...)
- Cook breakfast for everyone
- Once dry, took bookshelf up to room
- Organized vanity
- Put up all decorations
- Finish pulling everything together
- Shower
- Makeup
- Rush out to deliver grad cards for one of my senior clients
- Back to rest for an hour
- Off to the city to pick up my Japanese son from his flight back from Hawaii
- Stop by Homegoods to pick up a few more decorations (I think I'm done for a bit)
- Drive home
- Make dinner (stuffed peppers with cauliflower rice at Boku's request)
- Clean up a bit
- Fold 3 loads of laundry and put away
- Finally get to bed

And then I woke up in the middle of the night coughing with the sore throat I've been working on for the past two days in full swollen and painful mode. Yay me! *sarcasm*


...this weekend was the first weekend I felt like myself again.
...I didn't question myself. I did question the money I was spending, but in total an entire room makeover cost me approximately $500 and I realized that I am worth that. I needed it for my soul and I have the ability to pay that off pretty quickly, so it was definately worth it.
...my legs and abs are sore from all the hard work which means I got a GOOD workout this weekend!
...my room is gorgeous!
...I do feel safe and like myself in my room.
...the walk to work this morning was the easiest it has been in YEARS!

I'm on the mend.

Which, of course, means the ex texted me last night about getting back together.

This is my life. I accept that. I'm doing good. I'm healing. I feel proud of myself for what I've gone through and managed to come out the other side still fighting. I am doing well for myself and will keep fighting.

There is this strange thing about my leg shaking which I may need to address with the doctor. My meds might be too high...we'll see. Either way, feeling good. Need to cook up lunches tonight (never found time for that this weekend) and do more laundry and work on a senior album. Back to the grind. Happy to have a place to rest my head, though, that feels so genuinely me.

Still need to paint my vanity and eventually buy a rug, a reading chair, a reading lamp and side table, and a headboard...and TONS of artwork (I may use my own pictures for a lot of it), but that's all in due time...

(F) 5/29
20 min walk emoticon May not have been a full 20 minutes, but I walked at work with a coworker to the coffee shop on break.
Grocery Shopping! emoticon Actually, did it the day before...
Movie with the boys emoticon I don't even remember what we did! *lol*
Dinner: Stuffed Peppers with Cauliflower Rice emoticon Cooked this Sunday.
Calories: 1800-2400 emoticon No clue. Seriously.
Water: 64oz emoticon Got it!

(S) 5/30
15-30 min cleaning emoticon Absolutely! PLUS some! Probably an hour!
1-2 hours painting emoticon Or more!!
Update website emoticon No time.
Dinner: No Work Chili emoticon No time.
Calories: 1800-2400 emoticon But I burned a TON working all day so I actually think I'm alright.
Water: 64oz emoticon Very likely not...

(U) 5/31
REST DAY emoticon HA! Did way more than could be considered a rest day!
Pickup Japanese student from Airport emoticon
Buy something at Target for your room! emoticon Well, Homegoods
Dinner: Japanese Steakhouse emoticon We're waiting until next weekend
Prep lunches for the week emoticon Need to do tonight.
Calories: 1800-2400 emoticon
Water: 64oz emoticon Very likely not...but better than Saturday.

(M) 6/1
20 min walk
Update website.
Prep album for Senior client
Dinner: Chicken Stir Fry
Calories: 1800-2400
Water: 64 oz
emoticon emoticon
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