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What I Learned From A Cheeseburger...

Sunday, May 31, 2015

It's amazing what you can learn from something that can't even talk... or listen. Since starting the Biggest Loser at work 3 weeks ago, I have been on point. In just about 3 weeks I am down about 9 pounds... to me that's amazing because in this stage of my journey, weight loss doesn't come fast or easy. But one girl at work really ruffled my feathers.

emoticon Long story short, she was binging at work, eating so many calories (right next to me), frapps from Starbucks, sodas, burgers, fries, chips... then has the nerve to tell me all smugly, "All I am doing is indulging SLIGHTLY less, and I've already lost 6 pounds". Meanwhile, me, who was counting every calorie consistently was also down 6 pounds. It's based on percentage and she's about 50 pounds less than me, so yeah, she was going to wipe the floor with me. But here's the kicker... at home (on days off, and we have 3-4 each week), she is eating nothing other than 2 mini corndogs! How do I know? because word gets around and she admitted it to someone. Yeah, never tell your secrets at work.

Anyways, I was determined to beat her and went into beast mode, as did my good friend. We all weigh in on Monday, but she is off so she must weigh in Sundays instead. Well she's off this Sunday so had to do it today. So I had decided if she had such an incredible number that I just could not compete with I was going to have a cheeseburger, because quite frankly I had literally been making myself crazy trying to beat her, and I wanted a break. emoticon

So she comes in to get weighed, and lost a whopping 1 pound. Now don't get me wrong, I am not one to mock others, but she specifically was a big jerkface TO ME, and that is not okay. You want to be a jerkface, that's fine, because I'm going to stick it to you in the worst way. emoticon

So even with my weigh in being on Monday, I cut loose and had my cheeseburger, a patty melt to be exact. But you see the photo above? His arms out, almost like he wants to hug you? That's because he's an old friend, a friend I visited several times a week at my heaviest and even during some of my slip ups. Well what I learned from the juicy, delicious cheeseburger is...

He's not worth it!

It was good, I enjoyed EATING it, my mouth liked it, my nose liked the smell, my tastebuds and mind loved it... the rest of my body does not. My body is so unhappy and now I am unhappy. emoticon So even if I felt I deserved it (which I have to say, I did.. and if you are going to say don't reward yourself with food, you can bite me and keep on walking LOL), I felt like it was a good mental break for me to be able to cut loose, and I don't regret it... but with that said I do not wish to have that greasy stuff any time soon. In fact I look forward getting back to my familiar, more healthy foods effective immediately. So just because I can have something and think I want it, I'm going to think long and hard next time before I make any hasty decisions. emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • JANEDOE12345
    emoticon emoticon
    2203 days ago
  • FIT4ME41
    9 lbs.!!!!! Yes!!!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2205 days ago
    2209 days ago
    I enjoyed this blog!! I was traveling M-T& W and enjoyed some BK burgers and paid the upset tummy price for it but like you said I enjoyed the taste and especially the smell!
    2210 days ago
    KFC...Saturday my daddy wanted clucking chicken. KFC. That crap was nasty. Will I get it again...no, because a bunch of damn kids are cooking the good. I had a box of garbage. Now I'm motivated to do better than before, because when you know better you do better.
    2214 days ago
  • VEG954
    2214 days ago
    OMG you are hilarious! What a strong competitive streak! Ha!
    2215 days ago
    what a great attitude! spark on......
    2215 days ago
    It's great when unexpected lessons reenforce good habits! Good luck on Monday! emoticon
    2215 days ago
  • WALNUTT1961
    Yep! I had a treat on Saturday and it hasn't agreed with me today. I guess it wasn't a "treat" after all.
    Good luck with the Biggest Loser - you are doing great! I'm not a fan of that co-worker (Miss Mini CornDog). It will catch up with her! emoticon
    2215 days ago
  • SUGAR0814
    Lesson learned! OAN, don't worry about your coworker's journey. Focused on your own journey & you will be TBL at the end of the competition! emoticon emoticon
    2215 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    Argh, I hate when people get in my face like that! No need to go crazy, though. You are doing great! Yes, isn't it the pits when you give yourself a treat, only to have it make you feel blah?
    2215 days ago
    You did it just right. You weren't mean to that mean girl, but rather used your determination to accomplish your goal, which you did. AWESOME.

    2215 days ago
    emoticon you are doing great!
    2216 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    I do love me a good cheeseburger and I make them at home with extra lean ground beef and low cal bun and a kraft singles and I enjoy every single bite. I think you should enjoy what you eat and sometimes being in a work competition can drive you nuts. I was in a walking challenge and I was exhausted by the time it was over because I am so stinking competitive. So I am not sure I will join it again but we will see. Keep up the great work and congrats on the 9 lb loss. That is pure awesome!
    2216 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2216 days ago
    Glad you are not going to let your co-workers wierd way of eating get to you! Keep on making better choices and the pounds will drop eventually - it sounds as if you are doing just fine!
    2216 days ago
    Hey Steph!
    There is nothing wrong with a planned "splurge." You are so much wiser than Ms Jerkface for sure. You didn't need to eat a whole bunch to recognize that it's only a momentary pleasure - following by a feeling of regret and yuckiness. (Excuse my technical jargon!)

    The world and and often the office is full of people who choose to take others down so they can feel superior. You have already proven that you're a force to reckon with and no matter what she does, you got this.

    I for one am proud of you. As for competing -- I'd kill her with my successful living and eating -- nothing extreme. Just doing what has worked so well for you thus far.

    YOU ROCK, STEPH! emoticon
    2216 days ago
    poeple can be jerks at times. sounds like she is a BIG JERK. You keep doing you. best wishes to you on your weight loss. I have a saboteur at home he brought in cookies one of my biggest weaknesses. But I was determined to not have one of them. Now chips are something else. We can do it!
    2216 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/31/2015 12:06:15 PM
  • no profile photo CD12054749
    As long as eating that cheeseburger or whatever food, is your conscious choice it isn't a bad thing. You CHOOSE what goes in your body. Now kick her Frappe a## at weigh in!!
    2216 days ago
    Great lesson learned..I've learned it a few times! Also I hope you kick her booty in the BLC! Good Luck!
    2216 days ago
    It's amazing what mind games we play within our heads and how powerful they can be (sigh)
    2216 days ago
    Sounds like you are doing great!! I learned the hard way my stomach can't take the greasy food anymore. It's weird how quickly our bodies change.
    2216 days ago
  • YMWONG22
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2216 days ago
    It is amazing how our taste buds change as we consistently choose a healthy lifestyle style. emoticon
    2216 days ago
    That was a good discovery..I have found that also.Foods which used to appeal to me simply aren't as good. Good luck on your Biggest Loser contest. That co-worker does not sound nice.
    2216 days ago
    That is a real eye opener. Once we get to the point where the unhealthy stuff no longer tastes good, the battle is won! Good for you!

    On the other hand, don't try to compete with others. Your only competitor should be yourself. Make a small goal...hit that one and then make the next small goal.

    If that chick is getting to you...remember, you have all of your Spark Friends for support!

    2216 days ago
    That is a real eye opener. Once we get to the point where the unhealthy stuff no longer tastes good, the battle is won! Good for you!

    On the other hand, don't try to compete with others. Your only competitor should be yourself. Make a small goal...hit that one and then make the next small goal.

    If that chick is getting to you...remember, you have all of your Spark Friends for support!

    2216 days ago
    I love your description and metaphors. I got trapped like that from McDonald's once. It was good at the moment, but not worth the caloroes or body impacts later. I'm proud of your progress.
    2216 days ago
    Hard not to let people get to you... You can do this...look at your successes and remember how hard you have already worked to get there. You're the real winner braves you'll be down more actual weight!
    2216 days ago
    The best competition we have is with ourselves. Our bodies always let us know whether what we gave it was good for it, no matter what our mind set suggests.

    Keep on pushing & congrats with your weight loss. emoticon emoticon
    2216 days ago
    Never trust a cheeseburger with arms, legs and goo-goo eyes! Glad you had an epiphany, Stephanie (see what I did there?)
    2216 days ago
    Well, my sweetheart - this is what I have been waiting for you to say. That - "oh. well. not as good as I'd remembered. "

    Grab this little hook and run with it because that's what's really going to get you to your goal - when food that is not so great for your health doesn't leave you feeling all that great either. I think that's the REAL secret of how thin people think. They're not thinking at all. They're eating what tastes good.

    emoticon ---Bwa ha haaaa! She hasn't got a clue, does she? They're eating what FEELS good!

    emoticon ---No they're not - they're THINKING about it - think like a thin person, she said

    emoticon ---FEEL! It feels bad. That's what Stephanie says - it made her feel icky

    emoticon ---No she said she'd THINK long and hard

    emoticon ---FEEL!

    emoticon ---THINK!

    * * *

    ooops. sorry. got carried away.

    Mostly YAY for you!
    2216 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/31/2015 6:38:19 AM
  • no profile photo CD13202979
    Love it! Thanks for sharing this story. Hopefully I can learn from your experience and not go out and try it for myself!

    2216 days ago
  • FINGERS51970
    I have to agree with desertdreamer. I would have made a comment about those corn dogs.

    you go girl!!! greasy doesn't wok for me any more either. every once in a while I need a reminder, and oh is it!! LOL

    have a great day
    2216 days ago
    sometimes it's good to have a reminder that it just isn't worth it... good lesson learned!
    2216 days ago
    You go girl!
    2216 days ago
    Atta girl! You made a decision to splurge, enjoyed the moment, and learned from it. Did you manage not to snarkly comment "How're those corndogs working out?" (I would not have been able to resist)
    2216 days ago
    way to go great lesson learned
    2216 days ago
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