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Thursday, May 28, 2015

So this week was a good week - 3lbs off :)

Followed the Slimming World plan and also used My Fitness Pal track my calories as well. Didn't do any heavy exercise but used the Pacer app to make sure I got 10,000 steps in at least 3 times over the week.
I did have a couple of cheeky nights where I stuffed my face with naughties but didn't have an almighty binge (unlike last night where I was out of control!) It's like I get Tuesday's weigh in out the way and instead of having a 'day off' I have a bloody free for all.
Anyways, today is a new day and I wont turn one bad day into a bad week.
Going to set myself a target weightloss of 2.5lbs this week because that's all I need to lose to hit the 50lbs off mark! This may be my hundredth attempt at losing weight but I've never successfully lost 50lbs before so I'm determined it will be my last.

Had a couple of non scale victories this week. Pulled all of my old clothes out the attic which I haven't fit into since before I got pregnant (2012). And they fit!

Also took some new comparison pictures and I can finally see some really big changes...

There's about 35lbs difference between these two pics....mainly in my tummy but so happy my legs are finally skrinking!

Hoping to start C25K this week, waiting for my friend to recover from a fall but think she's almost ready. Also waiting for my new running shoes to arrive!
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