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Carry on Nurse!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Well--turmoil--sadness----a new puppy----LOL-----It all sends yer life into a tail spin--

I wish I could lie down in the middle of a road and yell and scream--like a child!---
Lord Love A Duck!---
But--(isn't there always that big "butt"?)--as a member of "Spark University"---one might go off the wagon in times of extreme stress, but----one never completely loses all control---Praise the good Lord!

So, we are going into day#3, with the wee pup, and it amazes me how much he has learned-- He used to live in a barn-----Everything is new to him!--
he will be only 3 months by June 4th-----already he knows I'm a means to his good life--food--water-peeing outside (and there are many trips outside)-
Tess , the 4 yr old German (as in dog)-is having trouble adjusting--very quiet---
But, heck, I guess we all are--
I hear Himself downstairs , saying, "oh no--No-no no!
He must be chewing something--
I best get offa here----
Spark on dear Sparkly friends--and never ever give up--even in stressful situations!
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  • GABY1948
    Babies are babies are BABIES....It will be FINE, you all just have to get used to him and he to you!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1659 days ago
    I so enjoy picturing Beau getting used to his forever home & his people. He is one blessed little "fella" whether he realizes it or not.

    Last night, my beloved MrV & I were looking at the photos that you posted & we both think he is so adorably cute. We liked that he was close to Tess in the photos. We pray that she will eventually find comfort in Beau's presence.

    "I wish I could lie down in the middle of a road and yell and scream--like a child!---" - I would dare say that we have all had times in life when we have wished the same - it must be such a stress reliever for kids when they do that. Although, I don't advocate parents approving of such behavior.

    Years ago, a good friend & I used to shop together with our two little ones - her son (a few months older than our daughter) had obviously learned along the way that if he chose such behavior, his Mom would automatically give him whatever he wanted just to keep him quiet. Well, I can so clearly see our little one taking that all in - with great interest, I might add. One day, my MrV & I had just started our shopping with her sitting in the shopping cart seat & BUY GUM! she tried crying for something she wanted. She got a rude awakening, when her Daddy (gently, but firmly) picked her up & out the store we all went. Thankfully she learned that such behavior would not work for her & she never tried it again. emoticon

    All these years later, I still remember that I had two dollars spending money (we were young & on a tight budget, so to have a little spending money was a real treat) & planned to find something special in housewares. Of course, I had to wait to find that special something - l remember that that something special ended up being a cute little shorts & top outfit for our daughter. Funny the things that stick in our minds over the years. emoticon

    God bless!
    1659 days ago
    Not much different from any new baby in the home. You will adjust and DH will too!
    1659 days ago
    emoticon Glad to hear Beau is catching on fast!. Tess is still grieving her friend and also is used to being the baby dog. Now there is a new baby! They will adjust to each other soon enough.
    1660 days ago
    emoticon I have this picture in my head of "Himself" at breakfast, Beau discovering something interesting and giving it a nibble, you in the other room on the computer, and hearing "No... no, no...!" Puppies are like toddlers and require constant supervision but they bring us such joy. emoticon

    P.S. I'm also picturing sitting on your lakeside deck!
    1660 days ago
    I admire your patience to deal with a puppy. I would love to have a dog, but I already know that if I do get a dog, it will be a full-grown one, preferably from a shelter.
    1660 days ago
    1660 days ago
  • SISSIE21
    Ah yes, the fun of puppies, bundles of joy that are lots of work but give tons of love! Love your poster! emoticon
    1660 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    1660 days ago
    emoticon Congratulations on the Progress you have already made with Beau!
    I know it will be a BUMPYH Road, but you will All Survive and flourish!!
    1660 days ago
    Love the picture. I'm laughing at your pup. Mine are 2 and 3 years and they are still chewing when they get bored, or left alone too long. Drive us nuts but we love them to death.
    1660 days ago
    Keep reminding me of all the "FUN" of housebreaking a puppy... I have these weak moments and teeter towards the edge of going in search of a 4-footed furry pet which will be my "protector" and "Walking" buddy... .. I need all the reminders of why a puppy is NOT a good idea for me in my world.
    Hope you all have a good nights rest and lots of fun days ahead.
    Hugs, Audra
    1660 days ago
    Gosh, they are so worth everything! Their intelligence is amazing, especially German Shepherds. Hugs to Beau.

    I'm in a stress streak, so I hear ya! Emotional eating takes over emoticon
    Fortunately, we kinda fight back by inertia of this SP school emoticon
    1660 days ago
    Glad Beau is learning. Puppies do take so much energy! Tess, well, she'll adjust, it'll just take her time. It's confusing for her, too, as she no longer has Coal, and now there's this new wee pup in the house.

    1660 days ago
    Little Beau is a smart pup with experienced dog parents! You'll all figure it out and Tess probably just needs assurance that you still love HER!!
    1660 days ago
    Love the concept of "reconstruction"... a constant renewal, eh? emoticon Sending vibes of patience and strength for dealing with Beau!
    1660 days ago
  • GLORYB83
    Ohh,this brings back memories of puppies I've had in the past. I usually got them at 8 weeks old and not trained at all. Fun, Fun, Fun. Ah well, it's like having a child, you train them as they grow.

    I love Beau already!
    1660 days ago
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