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Beets for Better Blood Sugar! (and that's not all!)

Thursday, May 07, 2015

The inspiration for this Blog was 3rdtimethecharm11 's suggestion that beets were a good idea if you have sugar problems.

I did some poking around online, and discovered they were a natural source of ALA, or Alpha Lipoic Acid, which I had heard was helpful but which I did not know was in beets!

So thank you Mzzcharming...

Here's an article that gives more info on this beautiful magenta root!

Beet well!
: )

UPDATE 5/9/2015
While we're on this topic, I figured I'd add one of the funky side effects one can have from eating beets... um... since I ate them last nite and it happened to yours truly!

Its called Beeturia, and it colors your urine a shade of red to brown.

This can easily be confused with a painless urinary track infection... but what it actually is, is the magenta betalain pigment that gives Beets their beautiful color, passing thru your colon wall, filtered out by the kidneys.

There's some correlation between "iron hunger"... malabsorption syndromes, anemia, or hemochromatosis, low levels of acid in the stomach, the type of resident bacteria you have in your gut, foods high in oxalates eaten at the same time. In short, Beeturia can be caused by any number of things from transient( like eating beets with spinach and almonds) or more serious like anemia and hemochromatosis.

I've also gotten Beeturia from Red Swiss Chard. I was slightly anemic at the time, so it might be time for me to run a CBC and serum ferritin, to check my iron status.

Just letting ya'll know in order to avoid a panicked trip to emergency room!

Thanks everyone for their response, Anna and Mzzcharming, your recipes sound yummy and I also read somewhere that having yogurt with beets helps prevent Beeturia.

Have a fun weekend!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo CD15469344
    I'm glad one of my favorite veggies is so good for us - who could've imagined about the ALA content? And beeturia! Had that as a teenager - what a shock!

    And the beet goes on (very old Sonny and Cher reference...)
    1888 days ago
    I wish I could be one of those people who loves beets but there is something about the texture and just something I don't like about them. Maybe one day, I'll try them again.
    1988 days ago
    I love beets! When I go somewhere for a salad bar, I always check to see if there are beets on the salad bar. I put them on top of my salad and use them instead of salad dressing! Yum!
    2063 days ago
    I love beets. We have grown them before. Fresh ones taste fantastic.
    2087 days ago
    Now to find a good beet recipe to eat them
    2088 days ago
    Love beetroot and also the greens. We Greeks use
    the leaves as well. I boil the beetroot, and then use
    the same water(after taking the beets out, to cook t
    he greens lightly... Then clean and slice the beets.
    I drain the greens, put them in a deep dish, and then
    add the sliced beets on top and add some good virgin
    olive oil and lemon juice or vinegar. Then spread some
    greek skordalia(like an aoili) over it. Or use yoghurt.
    Very nutritious and good for you. Goes well with fish
    and I like cod with it... Hope it gives you some good
    ideas. I also drink the beet water with some lemon
    and I know that it is a good cleanser, he hehe.. emoticon
    2088 days ago
    Yes, for us it's planting season, but no beets. Our local farmers mkt. has beautiful beets!
    2088 days ago
  • ALICIA214

    Great info emoticon for sharing..

    2088 days ago
  • GUNNSGIRL91303
    Good to know! I will recommend beets for my diabetic friends!

    I wish my hubby liked beets. He won't even give them a chance. I thought I hated them too until I had my cousin's borscht. YUM!

    2088 days ago
    Thats so sweet of you to put my name up there :) I was sure you would find the science behind it, thanks for sharing the link. emoticon

    I make raita out of finely chopped beetroot,onion,thai green chillies,garlic,a little cumin and plain yogurt. Pretty in pink!! This would be the only pink thing that my boys like, its their favorite!

    Pickled beets with goat cheese sounds yummy, never tried it. Even though we eat beets 3-4 times a week, I bought a pack of beet powder. Between beets and amla, I hope to see some improvement before my next doctor's appt.

    Have a great day!!

    2088 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/7/2015 5:12:26 PM
    I'm going to plant them next spring. Its too late now for Texas!
    My friend Barb just thinned hers, they are as big as radishes... are doing really good this year!

    : )
    2088 days ago
    Beets. . . love 'em!
    2088 days ago
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