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So...Is the Fight Over?

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

I could write about a dozen different things...but I just want to put down on 'paper'...that it's working. I'm eating less. I'm moving more. Everyday. I'm going through all the motions. Sparkpeople. Track food. Track fitness. DO fitness. Read positive stories. Read MORE positive stories. Change my thinking. I have pigged out. Now..if I do...I tell myself the 'truth'. It's ok. Tomorrow is another day. One day doesn't mean your whole life.

Im changing my thinking. God is my source of help and strength. That's just how it is for me:)

Im following the basics. No magic. Nothing all that profound. ...One significant change is that I said I was going to commit to 6 months. Do or die. If I had a horrible, totally unsuccessful day...tough...back at it the next day...cuz I said I would. ...and this is what has started to happen......the new habits are starting to replace the old ones.

It's like making your bed everyday. Just do it once. Then again. Again...and then again...and then repeat.

Spark...exercise...fill the gallon water jug...drink the gallon...plan the food. Chop the food. Write it down. All of it. 1200 calories...or 2200 calories. No lying. No cheating. No pretending. Straight talk only...but nice talk. No mean stuff. That's what it says on my 'goal page thingy'....it says...'Be nice to yourself, Marie'. Mean doesn't motivate. Truth does.

Everyday is a different experience. I find that fascinating. There's a 'sameness' to them...but the experience with the food...the exercise...the whole weight loss journey...is different each day. One day I'm exercising like a PRO....the next day I sound like I'm gonna croak...I eat 'easy' one day...no problems. Healthy, delicious, right within the calories range,,,next day I'm eating what's not nailed down. I get on spark and I 'read'..and sometimes it's motivating and upbeat and sometimes it's boring......

What am I learning? Life goes on,,,it's ups and downs...good and bad...whether Im fat or not. Wow. Deep, I know.

What Im seeing is ...I can change my habits. I can fill my mind with 'positive'...and have positive actions be the result. I can have 2 'good' days...and 3 'bad' days....and still be ok. Still be on my weight loss journey. The only thing that ever stopped me from losing weight....was me. I was the 'thing'.

I am the deciding factor. My excuses had excuses. ..I think I believed them...or..who knows. I just am experiencing a success that I never have with losing weight.
I'm not just losing the weight. Im losing the bad habits. The wrong thinking. Food is losing its power. Im starting to gain control. Im starting to see that it's me.

..and God. ...and me. I look and see that I have 'sweated to the oldies'...for about 50 days. That is someone who is serious. That is me. I spark everyday...even though my computer was out for a bit...I still could 'read'. Interrupted and couldn't track as easy...but I committed to 6 months. ..and I meant it.

So..my conclusion? Weight loss is not the unattainable dream. It can be a reality. It's not magic. Its like any other habit you have formed in life...good or bad. It will happen with repetition. Solid goals. Write it down. Like a list. Follow it. Be real. Be truthful. Be nice. Mean never works....So...is the fight over? Is the battle won? Lets just say....I make my bed almost every day. ...and I didn't used to.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Just love reading your progress and successes, for even those little "set backs" we experience are valuable to us in one way or another. Sending you my love and best wishes for continued insights and success!!! So happy you are sharing them with us. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2271 days ago
    Love to read your blogs and your insights. Thank you for sharing! emoticon
    2272 days ago
    yahoo!! i'm with your girl!! attitude is everything and persistence is key.

    you've come a long way. i see you reaching your goals and joyously reaping the rewards along the way. be blessed = )
    2272 days ago
    Sounds like you are doing great! You have inspired me to be more dedicated to sticking to my goals. I like the part of your blog that tells us to not be mean to our selves!! Some of us beat our selves up. We wouldn't want to do that to our friends. Thanks for that great reminder. I am going to start making my bed!!!
    2273 days ago
    Each day is another chance to get it right.

    You are a strong, bright, Human! You can do this! emoticon

    emoticon emoticon
    2273 days ago
    Thanks for sharing such encouraging thoughts. It really is "two steps forward, one back" for most of us. Thanks for reminding us to "keep it real". emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2273 days ago
    Exactly right, one day at a time, sometimes you just have to muscle through it until those good habits are routine. --Pam
    2273 days ago
  • ZRIE014
    keep it up
    2273 days ago
    Just one day at a time. As long as I keep following my 'plan'...it works! My biggest goal is to not derail myself. !
    2273 days ago
    Sound you've worked it out for yourself! Good for you! emoticon
    2273 days ago
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