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Weight Loss Isn't My #1 Priority...

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

emoticon That is not something that you expect to hear on a weight loss website, now is it? emoticon I am not here to say that I am not trying to lose the rest of this weight, or that it isn't important to me. It is VERY important to me. But right now I realized I am more focused on the big picture! Getting my LIFE/EVERYTHING together is my #1 priority. What does that entail?

*My house a mess. Super embarrassing to say. No, it's not like an episode of hoarders where they find dead animals under piles of stuff, but it sure isn't pretty. I have a small condo, and I have a lot of cute stuff, which all can't have a place. So working on cleaning/decluttering and getting everything organized is one of my highest priorities right now.

*My health, and no, not weight. I maybe overweight, but I am healthy. I don't intend to stay overweight forever, but I came from like class 3 morbid obesity, so overweight is kind of a walk in the park at this point. But I am talking about my hurt foot and my cold. Yes, I am still sick. I guarantee I am still sick cuz I have been eating crummy the past month. I rarely get sick when I'm eating healthy and if I do, it lasts a day, maybe 2 and it's gone. So I am sure not taking care of myself properly kept the cold around longer. Friday is my appointment to see what is up with my foot, hoping that I won't have to wear a boot, but partially expecting it. Looking forward to hopefully getting some answers.

*Living life and being happy! So many people let this weight stuff affect EVERY other aspect of life. I was guilty of being one of those people for years and years. I let so many opportunities and fun things pass me by because of my weight. But the truth is in the past year or so I have learned that I deserve to be happy, that I am beautiful NOW, that I am a good person NOW, that I deserve to live life NOW. For years I said "When I lose the weight I will feel good about myself", or "I will do _____" or "I will really get out and start doing things when I lose the weight." That was so wrong. Now with that said, there are some things I physically could NOT do because of my weight, but that is the only time it is okay to say when I get a little more in shape I will do _____. There are so many things (dating for example) that I could have done at my biggest, but chose not to. I missed out on a lot.

I am so much more than weight or weight loss. There are so many more aspects to life, and we deserve to enjoy them all. If we are unhappy with our weight, that is okay, we can work at it, but we can not let that unhappiness spill over to where we are unhappy about EVERYTHING. We have to make the most of this life and not let it pass us by! I am not giving up on weight loss, but it is not my whole world right now. Maybe that is why I haven't lost the last 25-30 pounds. But I am okay with where I am at, and I am working on the bigger picture, not just the scale.

With that said I will still update my weight loss ticker at the end of the month if there is movement... I am super excited about getting some exercise type things in my garage for my brother and I to use (he doesn't live with me but close enough to come use it), and when that gets all done I will post pictures. That is going to be a work in progress and take some time but I am excited. So I will be here, I will be supporting everyone, I will blog when I feel there is something I want to share, but at the same time I just thought I'd explain why this is not my entire world right now. Thanks for reading and understanding. emoticon emoticon
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