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Desperately needing encouragement

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Well, I joined WW Meetings and Tuesday would have been my week 3 weigh in. I lost three pounds the first week. I felt fine. Not hungry or anything.

I was weighing myself at home and I noticed that the scale didn't seem to be budging anymore, despite strictly following the plan and exercising. I was frustrated. I am frustrated. And then last Thursday night came around. I had a lot of opportunities for free food and booze. I didn't really want to go make nice with people at a banquet as I was kind of PMSy, so I took up on the free booze. And started eating more than I would've on the plan. Not completely overdoing it, but definitely overdoing it. And I didn't remember what all I'd eaten, so I decided not to track. And things turned into a downward spiral from there. I was super depressed and fatigued. I had trouble getting out of bed. I started going crazy overeating and drinking sugary beverages--something I never do. I skipped days at the gym. Days became a week. And now here I am. I went to the doctor, and on their scale I've gained another ten lbs. I can see the weight gain in my face now.

So my plan is to track 6 weeks EVERYTHING (even free stuff) consistently for my follow up visit with my doctor.

One of my hard obstacles I'm going to have will be visiting my family next week, some of whom haven't seen me since Christmas, aka 20 lbs ago. And I'm ashamed. I need to tell them about this issue because I want support in making healthy choices and sticking to my triathlon training plan while I'm there. I literally cannot stand to look at myself in the mirror.

Please, please any encouragement will do. I'm so ashamed.
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  • APED7969
    No shame, it happens to all of us. I had a week of just eating till stuffed every night. I think perhaps hormones were to blame but there's no purpose in beating myself up. I've got my exercise plan back in place and food tends to follow that. Tracking helps immensely! Just keeping doing it and try to avoid getting upset at yourself as it doesn't help anything as easy as it is to do.
    1759 days ago
    The original WW program forbid alcohol for the very reason you discovered: it isn't the calories in the alcohol, but the destruction of resolve. You will walk away from the buffet at some point. What do you want to remember when you look back at those couple of hours? You can't plan most memories, but that one you can.
    1759 days ago
    Hey Changing Life,

    Let go of any shame & regret about what happened last Thursday night and the days that followed. Shame is a disabler, not a motivator.

    I eventually learned that all the advice about buffet tables & open bars was devastatingly true -- I could not manage them early on in this weight-loss journey--I over-indulged without thinking of the resulting remorse. You can't manage them either, so best to avoid them entirely until you are firmly entrenched in this new way of life!

    Clear your slate & restart your program! You want this, and you know you want it bad enough to really do it.

    Personally, I didn't find anything to keep me going to Weight Watchers; SP is here all day, every day, whenever you need to give or get inspiration/help or just commiserate with others who have similar goals. There are lots of success stories on SP as well!
    1760 days ago
    Rome wasn't built in a day and some weeks are definitely worse than others but hang in there!
    1760 days ago
    No shame. Period. Making these kinds of changes are a process that takes a lot of practice. When I was on Weight Watchers I found tracking everything as I ate it would (generally) make me think about whether I was eating because I was really hungry or because I knew it would just taste good. And don't stand or sit near food that will take you off your plan; it's too tempting.

    I still sometimes struggle with what you are going through, and scolding myself only made me feel worse. But when I changed the conversation I had with myself in my head about the slip ups and poor choices, especially when I was tired or stressed, it became easier and easier to stay on track. And the change was just to talk to myself with the sort of compassion I would offer someone else who needed some support and understanding. Interestingly, I found that often what I really wanted wasn't something 'sweet'; I really wanted to just sit and rest, or a hug. Which would allow me to walk away from temptation without any regret.

    Be gentle with yourself -- you can do this. And never mind what your family thinks; this is your journey, not theirs. Good luck!
    1760 days ago
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